Cosmetic surgery has been around for a long time now and it continues to be popular because of its anti-aging effects. There is proof that ancient civilizations used natural products such as milk baths to reverse the effects of age on the skin. Modern skin experts now use Botox and Juvederm to bring back youthfulness to the skin. Although the use of these two products has been accepted by patients and physicians, there are facts that should be recognized.

1. Fillers – fills up void areas of the skin and spaces created by aging.Botox and Juvederm instantly smooth out any wrinkles on the treated areas.
2. Temporary – the treatment of the skin using fillers is not permanent and the patient needs to get booster treatments after sometime. The frequency of treatments depends on individual metabolism and the strength of previous treatment.
3. Side effects – like all medical treatments, Botox and juvederm react differently with different people. While some people experience lingering pain for days, redness and bruising others report that they do not feel anything after leaving the doctor’s office.
4. Noninvasive – both of these treatments do not require hospital admission or time away from work. Patients have been known to apply make up as usual right after a treatment session.
5. Painless – there is no pain associated with a filler treatment. Patients have reported that the injections feel like a mosquito bite.
6. Treatment is not for everyone – there have been some reported cases of allergic reactions among patients after using either Botox or Juvederm. Botox does not work for patients withcoagulation problems. It is always good to request a compatibility test from your clinic before going ahead with the treatment.
7. Promotes blood circulation – by increasing volume in some areas of the skin where the muscle mass was less, Botox and Juvedermwill stimulate blood circulation in those areas causing the skin to appear brighter.
8. Safe – Botox is derived from good bacteria while Juvederm is derived from a natural body acid, making them completely safe to use on the human skin.
9. Cost – with a minimum cost of $10 per single unit of injection, both Botox and Juvederm requires adequate financial ability to sustain the treatment cycle. Of course, this will depend on how the results you are looking for and how many units you will need to achieve them.
10. Expertise – the effectiveness of treatment by facial filling is determined by the expertise of the doctor who performs the treatment. Better results are reported among doctors who have a busy practice.