We all want to look good because our appearance determines how other people view us. Dull skin is associated with illness and so we should all strive to have bright and healthy skin. However, the reality of lifeis that some of us have naturally dull skin. This calls for a little boost to achieve the results we want. Here are a few tested techniques for achieving that elusive bright skin.

1. Water–hydrating your skin should be done from the inside as well as on the outside. Apart from boosting the immune system, drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day helps to fight wrinkle formation and flaking. The change is noticeable within a week.

2. Nutrition – a healthy diet is essential for brighter and healthy skin. Foods rich in fiber and proteins help the body to repair damaged tissue and clear out of toxins. Vegetables and fruits aid in detoxifying the skin and the end result is bright and attractive skin.

3. Facial – a regular facial routine gets rid of dead skin from the surface of your face. This gives time for the skin to generate newer cells – which are healthier and brighter.

4. Botox – a typical Botox treatment involves injection of fillers under the skin to iron out wrinkles and folds onto the skin. This is a temporary solution for wrinkles and requires frequent boosters to maintain the condition of the skin.

5. Laser – if you can afford it is one of the most effective methods for brightening the skin.It would only be using a light treatment with the laser to achieve great results. It takes only a few minutes to lighten the skin by a few shades and the effect can last a long time.

6. Lemon – this is one of the most natural remedies for brightening the face. You can either dub the skin with a few drops of lemon juice or add lemon juice to water before cleansing the skin.

7. Turmeric – turmeric can do wonders for the skin. Face masks made from turmeric are used to brighten the face naturally.

8. Sleep – the most obvious result of not sleeping is formation of eye bags. Sleep helps the skins cell to rejuvenate and remain active, leading to brighter skin.

9. Exercise – by sweating during a session of exercise, the body is able to get rid of toxins through the skin. This keeps the pores of the skin open allowing them to bath in oxygen that brightens them.

10. Pimple care – you will get pimples once in a while but if you pop them they will leave marks that can cause the skin to be dull. Use facial creams to get rid of pimples by unclogging pores and to achieve bright skin.
It is possible to have bright skin regardless of your financial ability.