People often ask how to get the best Body Contouring results, and the answer is to focus on your overall health and wellness. Enjoy these 5 Body Contouring Wellness Tips that can help to enhance your results!

What is Body Contouring?

Body Contouring can be a great tool to enhance the external results of an already healthy lifestyle and wellness journey. Here at Sparkle, we use a variety of technologies. You can find more information on all of them and how they work here.

The theory behind Body Contouring is that the skin and fat cells in an area are heated to a point that stimulates collagen and elastin, or that kills fat cells altogether (depending on the technology).

Will your overall wellness affect your Body Contouring results?

Body Contouring does not replace a healthy lifestyle!

We won’t go too deep into the science today, but essentially, when you undergo body contouring treatments, it creates a controlled damage. If your body is already under stress due to unhealthy lifestyle habits, the controlled damage is only going to cause more inflammation.

This means you won’t get the results you’re hoping for!

So let’s jump into the Top 5 Body Contouring Wellness Tips!

Body Contouring Wellness - Drink Water

#1 – Drink Lots of Water

When it comes to Body Contouring and Wellness, drinking lots of water and staying hydrated is the most important step! Drinking water when undergoing Body Contouring treatments is crucial for 3 key reasons:

Better Recovery

What Body Contouring does is create controlled damage in the body in order for it to repair itself in the desired way. For your body to be able to repair itself properly, it needs to be healthy and working properly, otherwise, you are just adding more stress to the body. Staying hydrated contributes to your overall wellness and aids your ability to recover.

Lymphatic Drainage

After a SculpSure treatment, the destroyed fat cells will be eliminated naturally through your body’s lymphatic system. Keeping the body well hydrated keeps the lymphatic system moving and allows for better lymphatic drainage.

More Effective Treatment

This is true regarding Radio Frequency treatments specifically because radio waves travel faster through water — and being hydrated will make the treatment more effective.

Body Contouring Wellness - Stay Active

#2 – Stay Active

Body Contouring is not a magic wand! It doesn’t replace a healthy lifestyle, it simply helps to treat stubborn areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. Staying active is a huge part of Body Contouring Wellness for two main reasons:

Results are Permanent… to a Point

Although the treated fat cells are permanently destroyed, that doesn’t stop the remaining fat cells from growing if you gain weight after treatment. With this in mind, maintaining your overall wellness after Body Contouring treatments is key for maintaining your results.

Lymphatic Drainage

Additionally, keeping your body moving helps with circulation and lymphatic drainage, which is crucial after Body Contouring so that the body can properly dispose of the destroyed fat cells. 

Body Contouring Wellness - Sleep

#3 – Sleep Well

We all know that sleep is a big contributor to our overall wellness. When doing Body Contouring treatments, focusing on that area of your wellness is a must!

A body that is tired and stressed is not going to want to let go of fat cells.

Making sure you get adequate rest will allow your body to repair itself properly and give you the desired results.

Additionally, you may be tired of hearing about lymphatic drainage but good sleep improves lymphatic drainage!

Sleep regulates many immune system processes, including the lymphatic system. Gravity disrupts lymphatic drainage, so when you lay down to sleep, you improve how well your body drains lymphatic fluid and by extension any waste created by body contouring treatments.

Don’t skip this Body Contouring Wellness Tip!

Body Contouring Wellness - Nourish Yourself

#4 – Nourish Yourself

No amount of Body Contouring can replace a healthy diet. Ideal candidates for Body Contouring already lead a healthy lifestyle, but they just need some help for the stubborn areas that resist diet and exercise. There are some important things you can add to your already healthy diet, though, that can optimize your Body Contouring results.

Body Contouring treatments stimulate collagen production in the body. If you want to help your body with collagen production, the most important thing to start with is giving your body the building blocks to make its own collagen.

Bend Beauty Renew + Protect is great for getting those essential building blocks into your system.

Osmosis Recovery is another good option that gives you those essential building blocks as well as a prebiotic, which is great for improving your overall gut health.

Adding in Collagen Powder after giving your body those essential building blocks can help too. We love the Bend Beauty Marine Collagen Powder.

Body Contouring Wellness - Exfoliate

#5 – Exfoliate

The skin cell turnover on our body is much slower than the skin cell turnover on our face. Adding in a physical exfoliant can help greatly with removing the older layers of skin to reveal the firmer skin that Body Contouring can help produce.

Koffee Beauty Scrub is a great physical exfoliant, and the caffeine found in the coffee can tighten and brighten the skin as well as reduce inflammation.

The Vivier Vitamin C Scrub is a gentler physical exfoliant that, as the name suggests, contains Vitamin C. Vitamin C is known for improving hyperpigmentation and improving the overall quality of the skin.

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Ready to try Body Contouring?

If you haven’t tried Body Contouring before, now that you know all the Body Contouring Wellness Tips and Tricks, are you ready to try it?

Come for a full consultation to make sure you’re a good candidate and  that Body Contouring is right for you!

Do you have tips of your own?

Have you already tried Body Contouring and have some Body Contouring Wellness Tips of your own? Share them down in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!!

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