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Cost of Botox treatment for hyperhidrosis

If you’ve been diagnosed with Hyperhidrosis almost all private drug plans cover the medication portion of the treatment. The Sweat Clinics of Canada will offer all individuals with an extended health care plan, a guarantee that the first treatment (drug costs only) will be covered so you can have treatment on your visit.

Although the medication may be covered by your private drug plan there is a cost for the injection procedure. Botox can last up to a year and these costs are by the treatment. Therefore, the underarm cost would work out to between $28 per month to $16 per month depending if your treatment lasts 7 months or 12 months.

Most people require 100 units of Botox to stop sweating under both underarms, which typically costs around $1,000. Coupled with dermatologist’s fees — usually, another $500 — the total cost of Botox is typically $1,000 – 1,500 per session.


How does Botox for underarms works?

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