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Product of the Month

Osmosis MD Perfection

  • Tyrosinase inhibitors reduce the production of melanin in the skin
  • Natural brighteners reveal a more even complexion
  • Active ingredients fade unwanted sun or liver spots, reduce acne scars, and gently
    brightens pigmented skin


The Truth About Moisturizer

Everyone has heard of moisturizer, but do you know the truth? What is Moisturizer? Let's start with the basics! Moisturizer is typically the heaviest product in a skincare routine, and it creates a moisture barrier that sits on top of the skin. That's it! If you have...

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Botox Giveaway


We are giving away a full face treatment to one lucky person!

(Value of $500)


The giveaway Winner will be announced on November 19th

Join Our Team

Medical Aesthetic Licensed Practical Nurse

Medical Aesthetic Licensed Practical Nurse Actively Seeking and Hiring We are looking for an experienced, customer-service-oriented Medical Aesthetic Licensed Practical Nurse to join our team. Our preferred candidate would be someone who understands the importance of...

Team Member Appreciation

This is Amy!

If you’ve been to the clinic recently you would have seen her at reception.

Amy is a big part of the smooth operations of the clinic.

She brings a positive, kind, calming presence wherever she goes, which contributes to a great team atmosphere.

Next time you see her in the clinic, say hello!

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