Things are going well. You haven’t missed a workout this week. Your meals are ready in the fridge. You are so happy with everything. Then you had a long, hard week and you feel your lacking willpower. Then it happens. It’s there. You can see it. That cute little muffin is calling your name… sweet talking to you. You try to resist… It’s now screaming your name. You try as hard as you can to resist but its more powerful than you and you just grab it…

We have all been there… I’ve been there many times before and believe me it will happen again. Your life is not ruined and you wont die from it. But, if you don’t get back on the wagon right away this will ruin all your hard work for the week. Today, I want to help you get back on track and make sure you get the tools to limit the damages.

Why you fell off the wagon

There’s many reasons why people tend to fell off the wagon;

  • You are not eating enough during the week/day so you lose control in the evenings or weekends.
  • You use too much willpower to follow your meal plan; you get tired of eating the same things and you don’t enjoy the plan.
  • Your lacking sleep. You brain tries to compensate for a lack of energy with more fuel. You start craving more.
  • Some people will leave their entire healthy habits to the side while they are on vacation.

When you fall off the wagon you need to look at why it happened, how to deal with it and how to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Don’t go black or white

When you miss a step, you don’t throw yourself down the stairs. The same principle applies when you have a bite of something that wasn’t on your meal plan. Yes, you hate that you ate it bad, but that’s it. Your results are the average of what you do. One poutine doesn’t make you fat.  One every day for weeks will. You had a weak moment; make sure you enjoy it and move on.

Deal with it right away

First you need to accept you ate something bad and don’t feel guilty about it. Instead analyse why it happened. Did you skip a meal? Where you tired or emotional? Those are the real reasons why you did it… Don’t be negative, instead work on improving yourself and try to work on how you can be better next time.

Example: If you indulge on all the chips at a party, next time eat a big healthy meal before going to a party and bring a plate of safer foods to munch on like, deviled eggs, vegetables or chicken kebabs. If you plan it, next time you will have less cravings.

How to deal with it the next day

Wake up, smile and start the day fresh. I suggest going for a short cardio/run to rev up your metabolism as soon as you wake up and have a big healthy breakfast as planned. You might feel less hungry because you hate more calories than usual but try to stick to your plan since you don’t want to fall into the yo-yo cycle. I would try to skip a few carb portions the next day, and that’s pretty much it.

Overnight weight gain comes from water

It takes an extra 3500 calories to gain one extra pound of fat. So, if you wake up and you gained 5 lbs, I can guarantee you it’s not fat but water weight. Make sure you drink plenty of water and eat well; everything will be back on track within a few days.

If you get depressed or mad at yourself, you are creating way more damage and increasing the risk of continuing your binge. If you are the type of person that get discouraged by the number on the scale; ditch it. Instead, focus on the positive and all your improvements.

Move On

You did it! You can’t change anything. Now it’s time to focus on the future and move on. Stressing about it and beating yourself up will only make things worst. It’s a journey; not a race. If you improve on each step you will get there.

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