Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is hard and once you have calmed your “triple fudge chocolate cake” craving heart comes the next mountain to climb and that is how to not be THAT annoying friend at your next house party who says “no” to just about everything.

The easy way out would be to stay home and live a hermit life while cradling your six pack for emotional support – definitely not speaking from experience! But what you should do is learn how to make little adjustments to your social life that will only benefit you in the long run.

Here are some of the easiest ways you can help yourself have a good time while still sticking to your meal plan:

  1. Bring Your Own Food (B.O.F)

Everyone is going to bring unhealthy snack after unhealthy snack, so why not change things up and get that veggie platter instead? You won’t just be doing your starving tummy and craving heart a kindness by getting something healthy but it might even introduce your friends to a fun and tasty new dish!

We personally love to get healthy dips, even throw some spices in Greek yogurt, anything and everything goes, as long as it doesn’t have a list of 20 chemicals and six types of fats! Go extra fancy and make your own healthy chips at home! Just cut some triangles out of whole wheat pita and bake it until crispy.

Another great way to get your friends involved is to make salad sticks, skip the cheese and add fresh tomatoes and capsicum for lots of flavor.

  1. Eat Before

You don’t have to have a whole meal but a simple snack like hummus and chips, some sort of protein shake with lots of veggies will keep you fuller throughout the night and curb those greasy pizza cravings that will ruin your week’s worth of hard work!

  1. Drink Drink Drink

Most people think that it is always a competition between healthy eating and having fun! This is not really true- You just need to find out the right balance that works for you.

Here are some of the best types of drinks you can have, based on per 1.5 oz serving:

Vodka: 96–97 calories

Tequila: 96–98 calories

Rum: 81–98 calories

Whiskey: 98–110 calories

Gin: 96–116 calories

Stay away from cocktails, which are loaded with sugar and remember to drink water, after every drink!

If you are staying at home, make your own pitcher of drinks. We love Mojitos and Margaritas! Keep an eye on the sugar content and you will be golden.


If you are new to the healthy lifestyle, then getting an invitation out to dinner might always break you into a nervous sweat but ordering out doesn’t mean always ordering unhealthy.

If you and your friends are in need of a quick place to eat, go somewhere you can “create your own meal”.  Places like this let you control exactly what you put into your meal and where it comes from. Places like Subway and Chipotle have a lot of healthy options as well.

Going to a sit-down restaurant is a little different, most places usually have easily spotted healthier options but picking seafood – Salmon and Tuna are our favorites, is always a sure way of getting a delicious meal without any regrets.

You can also portion control your meal by getting a to go bag at the start of the meal, just divide your food into two portions, BEFORE and you won’t have to worry about overeating and you get two meals for the price of one!

Extra Tip: Remember ALWAYS to get dressing on the side!

The Day After:

If you have found the strength during your night out to stick to relatively healthier options, THIS is the point where you will be more than likely to give in!

Who can say no to greasy glorious food to cure a hangover? While we love a good cheat day, going for fatty junk food can and will make your hangover worst!

All your body needs are electrolytes and lots of water! Ditch the sugary Gatorade and pick coconut water instead and soak up all that booze with some boiled eggs and crispy bread!

While drinking isn’t the healthiest thing in the world, it will help you loosen up a little and relaxing with some friends is extremely “healthy” for your mind than you will ever know! So go out and enjoy!



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