Part of becoming your most efficient self is learning how to properly manage your time without feeling stressed or zoned out.

Here are my tried and tested ways that ensure that you always wake up on the right side of the bed.

Stop Snoozing

It seems to me that hitting the snooze button has turned into more of a “culture” than it should be. I know, it’s hard to get up and get going but instead of wasting away precious time trying to get outside of post-sleep grogginess, why not start the day fresh and with energy?

Cheat your way into avoiding the snooze button by putting your phone/clock as far away from your bed as possible. Not even kidding, do this and thank me later!

The Night Before

Time management isn’t about “making” time instead it’s about ” finding” it.

Switch your routine around, if you take morning showers, try taking one before bed. Technically, you don’t get “dirty” in bed, so don’t worry about B.O and other gross stuff.

Of course, do brush your teeth in the morning. We should always have time for that!

Another easy time saver is picking your outfits the day before, know exactly what you are going to wear. You can take it up another step and start laying out your outfit, complete with accessories on your dresser, before bed.

This way, you aren’t spending 30 minutes questioning yourself why you bought those brown printed trousers and how can you wear them today.


Start planning your day in advance, everything from when your coffee pot goes off to when you eat breakfast- I usually eat it in the car, to be honest.

If you prefer having a smoothie, already have a zip lock bag in the fridge for that day’s smoothie ingredients. That way you always have a foolproof way of getting your greens in the morning without taking up any time.

In the same vein, prepare your lunch boxes the night before. I love bento-style boxes, which are a winner even for kids!

My personal favorite though is Overnight Oatmeal, I use protein powder, hemp, and other superfoods to give myself a morning boost.

Pack It Up

When it comes to working out, do it in the morning. That way, once you are done, it is out of the way and you can let go of that ‚Äúdread” we all have when we decide to workout after a long day at the office, and in all honestly, miss because we are far too tired.

Bring your toiletries with you and have a post-workout shower, if you need.

Just make sure you don’t make unnecessary trips back home and have everything from your work clothes to your mascara, with you. So, after you are done at the gym, you can easily change and head to work, refreshed and invigorated.

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