If you want to save time and money, you need to plan.

Everyone knows I’m not a great cook and I don’t really pre-cook my meals. I usually eat on the go. But, I still need to plan my week if I want to be successful.

I like to open my fridge and grab something on to go, but even that means having some preparation. I like it to be simple.

I’m like everyone else, I would love to eat tasty food and have something different every day but I’m not willing to put in the time and effort that it requires. You will have to make this decision. If you like variety and get easily bored with your food, I suggest looking at your meal plan and finding recipes that fit within it. If you follow our meal plan, we provide recipes that fit’s right for you.


You can also send us your own recipes and we will break them down or give you tips eating them. Look for recipes around 25g protein, 30g carbs and 10g fat for a meal.

That’s a good starting point. My suggestion to make life easier is to pick 2 lean meat recipes and 2 carb recipes.

Ex. Chicken in the crock pot and grilled salmon in the oven. Quinoa salad and grilled sweet potatoes or grilled vegetables.

Those recipes can easily be mixed and matched to create salads, wraps, stir fry, or simply to throw in some Tupperware. You can also create a healthy pizza, taco night etc.

I also suggest making extra portions and freezing them so when you don’t have time to do your meal prep one week, you still have options. Unfreeze a chicken portion and throw that on a bed of lettuce, add some tomatoes and roll everything in a wrap!



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