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Does retinol is good for the skin?


We should all be finding a way to get Vitamin A into our skin for many reasons. This can be easily added to your daily skin care routine and will show great benefits from reducing the sings of aging to helping with your acne.

You usually start introducing this into your routine 2 nights a week and building up to every night. Different levels and serums of Vitamin A can be taken differently, so always check with your aesthetician which is the best way to introduce this to your skin.

What Is Vitamin A?

Vitamin A serums contain Retinaldehyde which is the only Vitamin A that’s proven to stimulate collagen. These serums do not cause inflammation in the skin or sensitivities and are completely stable. These serums allow the skin to help remodel itself through increased nutrition. It also helps with immune repair, collagen and elastin production. They are designed by there levels of active ingredients to work with the skins tolerance.

Vitamin A & Your Skin

Vitamin A can even lessen your sensitivity to the sun, providing some natural protection against sun-induced redness and pigmentation. It also promotes healthy skin cell production. Vitamin A stimulates fibroblast (these are the cells responsible for developing tissue that keeps skin firm and healthy.)

And it helps defend against pollutants and infection, and can help strengthen your skins immune barrier. They can even help prevent further scarring, or help improve the look of a current scar!

Reduce Pigmentation & Brown Spots.

Vitamin A serums can even help lighten sun spots and boost your skins radiance. It does this by increasing your cell turnover rate by making room for new, healthy cells and can help block further pigment production to help have a more even glowing skin tone.

Keep Your Pores Clear.

Vitamin A can even help with acne. When your cell turn-over rate is better, there’s less clogging of your pores with oil and bacteria, so helping slow down oil production can help keep your pores clear!


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