Is 50 Units of Botox alot?

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Is 50 units of Botox a lot?

Botox is measured by the unit. Many Botox consumers do not understand what this means and how many units of Botox they require for their specific needs. It is a good idea to know something about this issue. Everyone does not need the same amount of Botox. The exact number of units for full treatment is customized for each individual person. The amount of Botox you need will depend on a number of factors including your gender, the areas you would like to treat and the natural strength of your facial muscles. The provider must assess the area of concern and determine how many units will be needed to give the desired effect.

Treatment areas for Botox usually include the forehead, frown lines between your eyebrows and crow’s feet.

You need 5 to 15 units for your forehead. To treat your frown lines, you need 14 to 25 units. You will have to maintain between 9 and 15 units for crow’s feet. Around your mouth, 5 to 15 units will the job. For the entire feet, the number of units depends on your age and how strong your muscles are. While some people can have good results with 40 units, others need around 75 units for the same results. You can expect to treat your entire face with less than 50 units.

That said, your treatment plan should be based on your individual needs. Consult your doctor and he will figure out how many units of Botox you need.

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