Two reason why people fail:

  • You started with the wrong information.
  • Your plan use too much will power.

Motivation Tips

  1. Get a buddy
  2. Keep track of your progress, pictures, measurement
  3. Keep a journal!
  4. Allow yourself small rewards
  5. Focus on progress, not perfection
  6. Set specifics goals and dates
  7. Measure your progress

Measurement techniques include:

  • Measuring body fat, using body fat calipers
  • Weighing on a scale
  • Using a tape measure
  • Using photography by taking before and after photos
  • Clothes becoming too big – having to “downsize”
  • Initial Physical assessment (hoe many push ups, jump squats, squats etc.)

For the most accurate indication of your body composition, you may want to consider visiting a physician or nutritionist and having them give you a complete body composition analysis.

When Motivation Fails

So how do you deal with bumps in the road, and better yet, how do you avoid them in the first

place when motivation fails you? Here are some suggestions:

  • Be true to yourself. If you know you’ve messed up, acknowledge it and get back on track.
  • If you blow your diet, don’t get desperate; don’t throw in the towel or continue to binge.
  • Admit to yourself that what you are doing isn’t conducive to achieving your goals, and cut your losses. Think of a car with a flat tire. You don’t want to slash out the other three tires, just because you had one flat, do you? Slow down, think it through and “fix your flat.” Get back on course.
  • Maintain stable blood sugar levels. Stabilizing blood sugar levels reduces food cravings. Reducing food cravings reduces the potential for “diet blowouts.”
  • Schedule “cheat meals.” I’m not saying that pizza, ice cream, burgers and the like are good for you. What I’m saying is that if you feel the need to have these foods occasionally to maintain your sanity and stay in compliance with your program the rest of the time, plan them. For some pick one day every week, and on that day have one meal where you consume a small portion of your favorite foods. Just don’t overdo it! Again – moderation is the key, especially here. For other a smaller quantity every day is a better option.


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