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Learn why Laser Hair Removal Blond Hair can be tricky.

Laser Hair Removal Blond Hair

Blonde hair does not have enough pigment to attract the laser’s heat, making traditional laser hair removal for pale skin unreliable on blonde or even gray hair. 


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Laser hair removal has solved the problem of unwanted hair for countless individuals, granting them smooth legs, hairless arms, and, above all else, a body they can truly be content with having.

The problem is that laser hair removal still carries a certain number of limitations due to the ways it works. Laser treatments tend to work best on patients with darker hair and lighter skin.

Laser hair removal has been relatively ineffective when blonde or gray hairs are involved.

Why Are Blonde and Gray Hairs Difficult for Laser Hair Removal to Treat?

Laser hair removal works by sending high-energy photons at hair follicles. These particles pass their energy to the follicles when they collide, which in turn allows them to create a significant amount of heat that only affects the hair follicles. This results in the destruction of the hair follicles in a way that deters future growth.

The problem with lighter hair colors revolves around the way lasers interact with the hair. The pigmentation in the hair follicles is what allows the laser photons to transmit their energy.

These lighter hairs do not allow for enough of this transmission to occur, which results in most of the energy departing from the area. The same mechanisms that allow laser hair removal to leave the skin unaffected work to leave blonde and gray hair follicles untreated.

Can Lasers Remove Blonde and Gray Hair?

Standard laser hair removal has produced limited results when it comes to removing blonde and gray hairs. New treatment options are emerging that are making it possible for laser hair removal to be effective on these lighter hairs. One product, for example, increases pigmentation in hair follicles, allowing laser treatment for patients with blonde or gray hair to enjoy the same smooth results.

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