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Laser Hair Removal Device

Learn all the secrets about Laser Hair Removal. They are not all equal!

Laser hair removal has come a long way since tweezers and waxing – thank goodness! But, then again, these advancements leave you with the question: what’s the best laser hair removal machine system for your skin?

At Sparkle, we use Gentle Max Pro, which combines two types of laser hair removal systems: Alexandrite and the 1064 Neodynium:YAG. This means that you get the safest, most comfortable and effective laser hair removal treatment. 

But wait, let’s talk about the different types of laser hair removal systems first. Knowing the difference between one laser hair removal machine and another can help you make the best choice for your skin.

IPL Laser Hair Removal

IPL here stands for “intense pulsed light.” Used in laser hair removal, it effectively removes hair gently and safely. IPL hair removal is ideal for removing hair on the face, back, legs and pubic areas because it removes hair follicles without burning the skin. The process is generally painless, quick, and with little or no side effects. You may experience some swelling or redness, which usually disappears fast.

Use of the IPL laser hair removal device is ideal for men and women with lighter or darker hair. 10 to 12 sessions are ideal if you want to achieve permanent hair removal.

Nd:YAG Laser Hair Removal

Nd:YAG is the latest – and perhaps, most powerful – laser hair removal technology. It is mainly used to remove tattoos and treat hyperpigmentation. As a hair removal system, it is effective for all skin types, including those with tanned skin.

Nd is for Neodymium and YAG is for yttrium aluminum garnet. The device removes hair by using carbon lotion to penetrate the follicles. Treated hair follicles then absorb the Nd:YAG laser emission.

Treatment of large skin areas is fast. The downside is that there’s more discomfort with this laser hair removal system. 4 to 8 sessions are ideal for getting the best results.

Diode Laser Hair Removal

In Diode laser hair removal, the laser beam targets the melanin contained in hair follicles. Once the laser energy is absorbed by the pigment, the hair is destroyed and future hair growth is inhibited. There is typically little to no side effect to this treatment. Some redness may be experienced but this disappears within 48 hours. 8 to 10 sessions are ideal to get the best results.

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

Of the laser hair removal machines, the alexandrite laser works fastest. Thus, it is ideal for large skin surfaces. It is best used on lighter to olive-skinned men and women.

Because of the speed of treatment, the Alexandrite laser has become one of the most popular lasers used for hair removal. It emits rapid pulses, which is then absorbed by the hair’s melanin. A typical treatment runs for a maximum of 30 minutes; with 4 to 6 sessions as ideal for getting the best results.

Gentle Max Pro Laser Hair Removal

The Gentle Max Pro hair removal system that we use combines the best laser hair removal technologies used in Alexandrite laser hair removal and Nd:YAG laser hair removal: Alexandrite’s 755 nm laser wavelengths and Nd:YAG’s 1064 nm laser wavelengths

This makes Gentle Max Pro the best of the lot. It is the safest, most comfortable and most effective laser hair removal device available. And, it lets us provide the best service to all skin types, from light to dark skin color.

Treatment is super fast – just 10 minutes max! And, it is reputed to be the most comfortable of all laser hair removal machines. Each laser beam comes with a cryogen freezing spray emission, which has a temporary anesthetic effect on the skin.

We even like to say that it makes each laser beam feel like a touch of a feather. Of course, the experience differs with each person. Drop by our beauty center and let’s talk more about it.

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