Armpit Laser Hair Removal

Imagine how you would feel if you never had to worry about your unwanted underarm hair. You can change into your favorite shirt or dress without any added stress of the cleanliness of your underarms. How would you feel if there was no uncomfortable evening of awkwardly keeping your arms by your sides? With underarm laser hair removal, you can experience the freedom of wearing your favorite dress without worrying if any unsightly hair is visible.

If you shave the underarms repeatedly, the area becomes prone to ingrown hair, cysts and razor burn. Laser hair removal is an ideal solution to these problems. This treatment first destroys the hair from underneath the skin and then sheds out completely. Afterwards the pores in the skin close, leaving only smooth sexy skin. Now you can safely forget shaving, waxing, ingrown hair and razor burns.

How much does Armpit Laser Hair Removal cost?Underarm laser hair removal

It depends upon how much hair is removed from the area. We can remove hair from any area of the body, but we discuss it with you because you have your own choice of design.  We will customize a package just for you if you tell us exactly what your needs are.

Underarms laser hair removal cost $100 per treatment for both underarms. We recommend 4 to 8 sessions (depend on the area, hormonal, your skin type and how dedicated you are) done every 4 to 10 weeks apart.

What technology is used for Armpit Laser Hair Removal at Sparkle Lifestyle & MediSpa?

At Sparkle Lifestyle & MediSpa, we use a Gentle Max Pro – True Laser System (Alexandrite laser and nd: YAG laser) for the best /safest /quickest results on the market. Most client see 80% reduction with 4 to 6 treatments.

What can you expect from your Laser Hair Removal ?

You can expect 95% permanent results between 4 and 8 sessions – depending of the area. We can’t attack white hair and prevent future hair but we can treat color of hair on every skin type.

How long does it take for Armpit Laser Hair Removal.

10 minutes

Consider these things when choosing a Laser Hair Removal provider.

  • The number of years the company has been in business
  • The quality of lasers
  • The ability to safely treat all skin colors
  • The experience of the technician
  • The feel for the clinic
  • The support pre-and post treatment

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Armpit Laser Hair Removal


Kate Webb Brown Medical Aesthetician

Kate Webb-Brown, Medical Aesthetician

Madelaine Caissie General Manager

Madelaine Caissie, General Manager

Dr Tina Comeau Medical Director

Dr Tina Comeau, Medical Director

Estelle Hache Patient Service Coordinator

Estelle Haché, Patient Service Coordinator


Medical Room

Medical Room



Sparkle House

Sparkle House

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Laser Hair Removal & Facial Room

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Sparkle Lifestyle & MediSpa is located in downtown Moncton, behind George Dumont hospital. Sparkle’s main floor is designed to accommodate our elegant reception and our private home gym. Our second-floor accommodate three treatments rooms fully equipped with the latest, cutting-edge technology from Syneron- Candela & Cynosure.


Our dynamic team consists of caring, experienced professionals is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest standard of care, clinical expertise, and personal attention in a warm, welcoming family-like atmosphere. Together, their collaborative approach allows for drastic improvements in the lives of our clients, causing residual effects that permeate our community.

We invite you to our facility for a complimentary tour and consultation so we can assess your requirements and recommend the most appropriate treatment. Our team is looking forward to seeing you!

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Kate Webb-Brown, Medical Aesthetician

Madelaine Caissie, General Manager

Dr Tina Comeau, Medical Director

Estelle Haché, Patient Service Coordinator

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The technique of VelaShape combines powerful energies to target and heat within the treatment area. It is claimed that this technology uses bipolar radio frequency, infrared light, tissue mobilization and section to treat cellulite.

This procedure is good for those individuals who are already within their target weight range and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. This procedure shrinks fat cells by heating them to a specific temperature, but it does not remove fat. The process will flush out toxins and excess body fluids, a lot of water should be consumed on the day of the treatment. Strenuous workouts should be avoided on the day of the procedure.

Most individuals begin to notice improvement by the third treatment, but the final outcome from this procedure will be most apparent 6-8 weeks after the final treatment session.



  • Non-surgical and non-invasive procedure

  • Combination of infrared and radio frequency energies with contact cooling technology protects the skin surface



  • Synergy of IR and RF energies ensures safety and allows precision targetting of deeper tissues

  • Able to treat delicate areas like arm, face and neck



  • Contact cooling technology minimizes discomfort

  • No anesthesia required



  • Deliver higher energy levels safely to shorten individual treatment times

  • Suitable for lunch time treatments

  • Stretch your dollar with fewer sessions

  • Fewer trips to the clinic

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