Laser Hair Removal FaceLaser Hair Removal Face

Is it always possible to cover up your excess hair on the face? People at first look at your face and can see the hair on your upper lip, chin or sideburns. Now you can easily get rid of it with laser facial hair removal. With this treatment you will be able to remove your hair safely and privately and this treat will surely boost your self-confidence.

Constantly putting razor on the skin of your face can cause a great deal of irritation because your facial skin is very sensitive. Shaving can have some harmful effects on the skin. With laser treatment, you don’t have that risk. The whole procedure can be performed in a matter of minutes.

Female laser facial hair removal

Most women have this embarrassing issue: fuzz on the upper lip, chin and sideburns. It may make you feel insecure and cause you to refrain from your normal activities or hide your face when anyone gets too close. We perform this treatment to get you to a perfect level of smoothness of your facial skin.

Common treatment areas for Laser Hair Removal in the face

Laser facial hair removal for men

Many men feel bothered by the itchy regrowth and painful bumps that form after regularly shaving over stubble. The technical term for this condition is pseudo folliculities. It happens when hair grows under the skin’s surface and results in painful, unsightly bumps. It can cause severe irritation. It can be a result of shaving, waxing and tweezing. To get rid of these problems, men also want to try an alternative form of hair removal for smooth skin.

You can safely choose laser hair removal to skip the irritating effects of other hair removal types.  You will obviously appear more attractive to others when you are well-groomed and feel better.


Common treatment areas for men

  • Neckline (If your beard is trimmed)
  • Full beard
  • Back of neck



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Laser Hair Removal Legs

Interested in Laser Hair Removal?

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50$ OFF your first treatment!!!


We suggest between 4 and 8 treatments spaced every 4 to 10 weeks for most of our clients. Price Per Sessions. Consultation required for exact price and how many sessions will be required. Packages price and payments plan available.

Full Face $165

Lip, cheeks or Chin $100

Lip & Chin $120

Underarms $100

Brazilian $180

Californian $160

Bikini $120

Full Legs $380

Upper Leg $270

Lower Legs $240

Chest or Back $350

Chest or Abs $210

Arms – Half $150


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