Everything you need to know about the Laser Hair Removal Process


So, you’ve finally decided to get rid of your body hair. Before you do, make sure you’re equipped with all the important info, which we’ve made available here.

Duration of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser treatment can take as briefly as 5 minutes to as long as an hour or more. Basically, its duration depends on the extent of the area that’s being worked on. It can also depend on the number of areas undergoing treatment. The clients can expect for the entire procedure to comprise of 6 to 8 treatments with subsequent touch-ups that are few and far between. This can help with keeping up the skin’s smoothness.

Sensation of Laser Hair Removal

Some clients may experience a bit of discomfort comparable to a rubber band being snapped on the skin. The good news is that any uneasy sensation you may be feeling goes away instantaneously. Any physical discomfort is also alleviated thanks to the use of Dynamic Cooling Device.

Visibility of Results from Laser Hair Removal

Laser treatments yield immediate results. You can see a notable hair reduction instantly after the first session. The enhancements continue to develop with every treatment.

Permanence of Laser Hair Removal

By and large, laser hair removal treatment produces long-lasting results because the hair follicles are worked on with every treatment. This is done through the use of the pulses of light emanated from the laser machine.

Meanwhile, some of your hair follicles are active and some are not at different times. The active follicles get broken, which renders them unable to grow back, at least not the same way.

On the other hand, some of your inactive hair follicles may become active again between treatments but they still end up being treated in your subsequent sessions. Overall, most of your hair follicles can be expected to be treated after six to eight treatments.

The results vary as well. Some clients experience nearly total hair removal and some see a notable decrease in hair with the remaining tiny portion being treated in annual or semi-annual touch-ups at a discounted rate.

Expectations from Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatment makes use of mild radiation through high-heat lasers. The aim here is to significantly break hair follicles so that the body’s hair growth is decelerated.

However, even though laser treatments last longer compared with other hair elimination methods like shaving, it doesn’t necessarily produce permanent outcomes.

If you want certain areas of your body to be hair-free for a really long time, you need to go through numerous sessions.

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatment can be performed on any part of your body with the exemption of the eye area, of course.

Clients don’t need to recuperate since this treatment is a minor one. You can continue with your tasks without being interrupted by any discomforts after every session.

Even though new hairs may still sprout, you’ll see that the new hairs’ texture are finer and the color lighter. So even if there’s re-growth, it won’t appear as hard on the eyes as before. Laser removal tends to work in its finest quality if you have fair skin and dark hair.

The Laser Hair Removal Process

For first-timers, it is crucial to have an idea of what takes place during a laser treatment. What happens is that there’s a handpiece that generates a laser pulse into the targeted spots on the skin.

This laser pulse contains a regulated amount of therapeutic heat that safely and effectually breaks the hair follicles. Laser removal sessions can last for only a few minutes if the area being treated is just a small fraction. Otherwise, it’ll take about an hour or even more if you’re looking to go full-on hairless.

Discomfort from Laser Hair Removal

Thanks to the use of the patented Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD), any physical uneasiness experienced during the treatment is alleviated by producing a rapid burst of liquid cryogen before and after each laser pulse. The cryogen then immediately disperses, which cools the outer layers of the skin for reduced discomfort.

Some clients report that the sensation can be akin to being snapped with a rubber band. Even though that seems unpleasant, this sensation quickly disappears courtesy of DCD cooling. A topical anesthetic could also be used before a treatment is conducted.

Laser Hair Removal Post-treatment Expectations

Right after a session, you can expect for some redness and swelling to develop. The treated region will also feel like it’s been sunburned. To alleviate discomfort, you can use a cool compress or an aloe vera gel. Any redness or swelling is expected to subside after a few hours. Nonetheless, there are cases where the redness and swelling don’t go away until after 2-3 days.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Plans

Although you’ll see a notable decrease in hair after one treatment, you still need to undergo a couple more to experience maximized results since hair grows in three phases. With this in mind, an average of six weeks apart must be applied in between 3-8 sessions in order to catch all of the hairs in their growth stage.

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