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Never have to worry about hairLaser Hair Removal Pros and Cons

The idea of never having to shave, wax, sugar or depilate again is very appealing. You could, backpack through Europe for a month, or head on a sunny holiday to the Caribbean and never have to worry about whether or not you had hair anywhere.

Waxing hurts!

Waxing is no picnic. On top of the pain that’s involved with, ripping hair follicles from your skin – sometimes the wax is too hot and can cause burns! Smooth, hairless skin is not worth it if the trade-off is third degree burns.

No more razor burn

The other type of burn! Razor burns are awful and  they’ve happened to all of us. Whether thick hair, a dull blade, or low quality shaving cream is the culprit, razor burn can show up anywhere – and it sucks no matter what.

It’s speedy

Shaving can take forever on big areas of skin, as well as over delicate creases and in difficult to reach areas. No one wants to waste that much water, either. Waxing is also time-consuming, and can take longer if your aesthetician is less experienced. Laser hair removal is quite quick, with sessions spanning 10-15 minutes at most. That means you can head to the clinic on your lunch break, and still have time to do a little shopping!

It’s safe

The most reassuring thing about laser hair removal is that you can be confident that professionals are doing your procedure. Shaving often results in cuts and nicks, and hot wax can burn or damage skin if you aren’t careful with the salon you choose. Laser hair removal is a very strict procedure that involves safety equipment and gear, and can only be performed by qualified individuals.


It’s expensive

This is the biggest drawback. To fully remove hair in a large section of your body, multiple sessions may be necessary, and the time can increase based on how dark and coarse your hair grows.

It can be painful

There are few great hair removal methods that are pain-free, and lasering rates pretty high on the pain scale. Many with experience have compared the feeling to the snap of a taut rubber band against the skin.

The hair can grow back

Laser hair removal does not claim to remove hair forever, but it will remove hair for much longer than traditional methods. If and when any hairs regrow, it’s claimed that they will grow back sparser and lighter.

Can lead to irritation or itching

Laser hair removal can result in itching, redness, and irritation. More serious or painful side effects are pretty rare, and the irritation fades rapidly. We’d probably take a little redness over some of the in-grown hairs that have plagued us.

It requires numerous visits

Waxing or shaving require ‘numerous’ visits too – as in, the hair keeps growing back! But with laser hair removal, the initial removal itself has to be separated into several appointments.

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We suggest between 4 and 8 treatments spaced every 4 to 10 weeks for most of our clients. Price Per Sessions. Consultation required for the exact price and how many sessions will be required. Packages price and payments plan available.

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Lip, cheeks or Chin $100

Lip & Chin $120

Underarms $100

Brazilian $200

Californian $160

Bikini $120

Full Legs $380

Upper Leg $270

Lower Legs $240

Chest or Back $350

Chest or Abs $210

Arms – Half $150

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