Laser hair removal reviews

Having had Laser at another spa for 9 consecutive months and seeing no results I was skeptic that laser hair removal could ever work for me. I knew after speaking to Kate that she was extremely knowledgeable in medical aesthetics and that Sparkle had the right laser equipment to help me. I’ve received my third treatment so far and the results are outstanding!!
If you are struggling with unwanted hair and you’ve tried just about everything then go see Kate; your only regret will be that you didn’t go sooner.

  C. Mann

I was a huge skeptic about laser hair removal – and as a woman that has dark hair and one who is extremely insecure about it – well, I was almost hopeless about the service. But after years of ‘thinking about it’ I decided to give it a shot. It was essentially painless, and lasted minutes. About a week (maybe less) after the service I was thinking okay this is dumb, the hair is still there etc. etc – but then I started to notice the hair was growing much slower. And I confirmed this as hairs close to a tattoo couldn’t be treated – so I have a control group, ha. I was told it would take 2-3 treatments to notice a difference but after just 1 I have noticed a SIGNIFICANT difference. I am in between my 1st and 2nd treatments and I am confident I will get the results I am looking for. As well, Kate was awesome and made me feel super comfortable.r.

  J. Griffin

I love the staff, they are really sweet and they really take care of you. The service is great and the laser treatments are really working. I would recommend this place to everyone

  N. Hickey

I went to Kate and had laser hair removal treatment. It was the best spent money! No more worrying about having to shave or wax.  She was friendly and really helped me feel relaxed throughout my sessions. I would highly recommend her to anyone The rest of the staff is friendly and accommodating, making appointments easy to attend. My only regret is not having it done before.

  P. Corbet

I started my treatment opting for bikini laser hair removal. I noticed dramatic results after the second treatment and was so thrilled that I included the underarms and half leg. The results were fantastic.  The staff was extremely friendly and very helpful in answering questions/concerns I might have had. I was advised that I may need additional treatments for any stubborn remaining hairs at the end of the treatment but I found that the treatment had been so effective for me that it was not necessary.

  S. Veale

I started at another spa for underarm laser hair removal. After 10 treatments I still had a significant amount of growth. I spoke to Kate at Sparkle and felt confident to go ahead with more treatments. I am so happy with the results!!! No where near as painful as the other place and three treatments in there’s no more hair! So Happy!!!

  L. Leblanc

LOVED IT!!! Kate was so helpful and competent! Initial consultation and laser procedure was done on the same day and very quickly! The procedure took less than 10 minutes! I Will definitely be back!!!



I enjoyed my experience so much. I went to have my legs lasered and after completing the treatments, I was so happy with the results that I also decided to get my underarms and face done.

The staff was very helpful at answering all my questions that I had. All in all best experience I have ever had at a spa ever! I will definitely be going back real soon.


A. Bourque

Amazing Experiences
The staff is what really sets this spa apart from any other I’ve been to. The treatments are completely customized to my needs. They would reschedule my appointment for another time because I’d been in the sun a lot rather than take my money and risk the chance of damaging my skin. They are always so caring. The girl at the front desk spoke with me at length about surgical procedures I was always interested in but shy to bring up. My results are amazing and I plan on having other areas done soon!


L. Saulnier

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We suggest between 4 and 8 treatments spaced every 4 to 10 weeks for most of our clients. Price Per Sessions. Consultation required for the exact price and how many sessions will be required. Packages price and payments plan available.

Full Face $165

Lip, cheeks or Chin $100

Lip & Chin $120

Underarms $100

Brazilian $200

Californian $160

Bikini $120

Full Legs $380

Upper Leg $270

Lower Legs $240

Chest or Back $350

Chest or Abs $210

Arms – Half $150


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