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Laser tattoo removal after 3 sessions

People are usually eager to see significant results as soon as possible. You may be wondering what you can expect from laser tattoo removal after your first session of treatment. Unfortunately, laser tattoo removal process requires 3 to 6 treatments for complete removal. But you should not be discouraged because every time you sit under the laser, you are making progress. It might be difficult to notice significant changes at first, but you notice the progress if you compare between photographs taken during previous visits. The results from laser tattoo removal depend on factors like ink color, concentration, age and the depth of the actual tattoo. Tattoos don’t always fade consistently across the entire image and some kinds of tattoos are more difficult to remove. Chest and back tattoos will fade faster than hand and foot tattoos, because increased blood pressure and immune cells are present in areas closer to your heart.

 It takes some time for the body to process broken up ink particles and remove them from the tattoo site. Besides, everyone’s body processes ink removal differently. So the results may vary drastically from person to person.

 But taking all the factors into considerations, you can expect significant results, even complete removal after 3 sessions.

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