Laser Tattoo Removal Cost

With the PicoWay™ laser system, tattoo removal can happen

sooner than any other laser treatments.

PicoWay  Laser Tattoo Removal

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How Much Does Laser Tattoo Removal Cost?

PicoWay has the advantages of great flexibility when treating tattoos with multiple colors. It offers the highest power in the industry. So you need fewer sessions to remove a tattoo. The cost of PicoWay laser treatment is based on the size and density of the tattoo. To be specific, the starting price is $150 per square inch, and $400 for 4 square inches. So, the bigger your tattoo, the cheaper the price. You will need 1 to 3 sessions for a cover up, and 5 to 8 sessions for complete removal.

The main difference between a Nanosecond and PicoWay device is the speed at which each device delivers energy. PicoWay is faster and it removes your tattoo faster. You will save money if you use PicoWay because this technology can remove your tattoo in fewer sessions than other treatments available in the market. While other treatments take around 20 sessions to remove your tattoo completely, you can see the same result after 8 sessions using PicoWay.

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