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Itching after laser tattoo removal

You may experience some minor uncomfortable side effects after tattoo removal. Itching is one of them. Several factors may be responsible for itching.

This is a part of the normal healing process. The laser can make the skin itchier than normal by dehydrating it. As the tattoo begins to heal, this itching will go away on its own. But the itching can be quite intense in some cases.

You can use a moisturizer on the area for mild itching. If the moisturizer contains vitamin E, it will help calm the skin. In case of more severe itching, try vitamin E oil, coconut oil or an anti-itch cream. If the itching doesn’t subside, you can use a topical 1% hydrocortisone cream a few times a day. You can also consider an oral antihistamine.

Dry skin at the tattoo removal site can also contribute to itching. Climate, low humidity or extremely hot showers can cause dry skin. The skin tends to be dry in winter. Keep the area moist with a moisturizer. Avoid hot showers. Do not use extremely hot water to wash the tattoo.

Some tattoo removal patients have a response that includes profound swelling or hives. It may be an allergic type reaction that has something to do with the sudden release of the tattoo ink. Using Banadryl both before and after the treatment can help reduce this reaction. Your provider may also prescribe hydrocortisone.

You can decrease the incidence of itching after laser tattoo removal treatment by paying attention to the recommended aftercare instructions.

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