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PicoWay  Laser Tattoo Removal

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What are PicoWay and PicoWay Resolve


The PicoWay is considered an ultra-short laser treatment which is often used for wrinkles, acne scars, and dark spots ( pigmentation lesions/ sun spots ). Aside from the aesthetic purposes, the PicoWay is also the answer to your tattoo removal. The main difference is that it does not only use photothermal (heat) it used photoacoustic (sound). As this is the case, most patients only require a little recovery time in order to be healed.


What to expect from the laser treatment


If you find yourself interested in these laser treatments, here are some of the advantages you can expect in the access of them:

PicoWay is all about the various laser handpieces which are the primary reason for the achievement of results. The PicoWay Resolve treatment features a laser handpiece which is responsible for splitting the main laser beam so that it turns into identical and smaller beams which work best for wrinkles and scars.

It is not a secret to all that almost 40% of individuals who have acnes form scars. Many of these are brought by the loss of collagen which usually takes place in the skin. With a picosecond laser such as the PicoWay Resolve, reaching what is underneath the skin is just beyond your reach. This is effective in the stimulation of collagen production. The same is also true with elastin. What is even good is that that may occur without having to break the outmost layer of your skin.

Wrinkles are also treated by these lasers. There are individuals who seek treatment for these because they do not have elastin and collagen in the skin already. Since PicoWay resolve is only a needle-free, non-invasive procedure when it comes to dealing with wrinkles, you are freed from wrinkles after the procedure. High-rates of improvements has been claimed by many clinic studies with the presence of the said laser.

Not everyone is blessed with beautiful skin. There are those who experience skin discoloration. Good thing, they can be treatable. With benign pigmented lesions including liver spots (or age spots) freckles and brown patches that are usual to most individuals out there, an answer is given. The truth is that such conditions affect the quality of lives of most people and it must not happen like that. Not with this treatment.

Tattoo removal can be complex. It is painful too. However, this is changed by PicoWay. The treatment utilizes a high power lower which can shatter the ink of the tattoo. Aside from these, it would also not touch the outer layer of the skin. It will be left intact no matter what. This can also treat a wide array of tattoo colors which may be found on any kinds of skin.

It is now not surprising why there is so much attention given to this technology. Check it out for yourself!


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