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Laser Tattoo Removal Pain

Discomfort is a part of tattooing procedures. Whether you are getting a tattoo or using laser tattoo removal to fade a tattoo, the procedures can cause some discomfort. However, your pain depends on the type and location of your tattoo.

 But experiencing the discomfort of laser tattoo removal is quite bearable and not worse than receiving a tattoo. Prepare yourself psychologically for laser tattoo removal. First of all you have to familiarize yourself with what causes the pain. The energy of the laser tattoo removal shatters ink particles beneath your skin and it causes pain. The ink particles absorb the light emitted by the laser as heat.

 The laser emits light in short burst and the tissue around the ink has enough time to cool. As a result, the surrounding dermis is left unharmed and your skin undamaged. The pain does not last long; it is temporary and has no lasting effect on your skin.

 You will feel pain only during the treatment period. No discomfort will be felt between sessions. Though we recommend avoiding pain relief medication, some people consider pain relief medication for their laser tattoo removal procedure.

 Here at Sparkle Lifestyle & MediSpa, we use a special numbing cream that needs to be applied 45 minutes prior to treatment. It feels like a splash of beacon grease. You will have to cover it up for 3 days after having the treatment. In fact, most tattoo removal specialists encourage the use of topical numbing cream. This cream can significantly help patients who have larger tattoos stand the pain long enough to complete the sessions. So it is especially popular larger tattoos and longer sessions. This cream does not affect the area where the tattoo ink rests, but it can greatly reduce the pain to a great extent.

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