Lets all Kegel!!


What is a Kegel?

Kegel is a super important exercise that should be done every day by every woman. This is the exercise your bladder and pelvic floor will thank you for doing.


How to do a Kegel exercise?

To perform a Kegel, you repeatedly contract and relax your vagina muscle. Think about how you contract your muscles to stop your pee.


Why you would do Kegels exercise?

Ever heard of peeing your pants while you jump, sneeze or laugh? This is caused by a loss of strength from your pelvic floor. Doing daily Kegel exercises will improve this situation.

Ever heard of the Kardashians ? Kris Jenner publicly spoke about her incontinence so don’t feel like you are alone with those little drops of pee!


How to do Kegel exercises

There are two basic kinds of Kegel exercises you can do. The slow Kegel is where you squeeze and hold for five seconds and then relax. Contract the contractions for up to 15 times in a row. The quick Kegel is a quick squeeze and relax up to 20 times in a row. Make a goal of three sets of each exercise every day.


The magic of Kegel balls

Lacking discipline? Kegels balls are for you. Insert them in your vagina. At first, I can promise it will be easy for most of us! For some, they will fall right away. The point is to hold them for a long period of time. As soon as they start falling your immediate reaction is to contract your inner muscle to push them back in. Wear them as long as you can, while doing laundry, dished or cleaning.

Even smarter people designed Kegel balls to increase your pleasure! There’s tons of different options, bigger, smaller, heavier, vibrating!

They will help you reach better orgasms and discover your G Spot!

The best way to increase your vaginal orgasm and get your g spot stimulated is by vaginal contraction. It will also increase the tightness of your vagina making intercourse more pleasurable for both partners.

Being able to contract those muscles is essential to having a vaginal or g spot orgasm!


SO, lets all KEGEL this month!

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