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I believe every woman can have it all. I believe that true balance can be achieved and I make “helping our clients find their own balance” my mission.

This is the reason I wake up every morning. I struggled for the longest time to find this balance. It’s a journey and not a race. I’m not perfect and I never will but I’m dedicated to share my process.

As far back as I can remember, I had a passion for business — selling lemonade, crayons, and even my toys. I was obsessed with the concepts of making money and growing money.

But, when I started college and set out to find myself, I forgot I already knew who I was. I struggled, getting lost in the world of nutrition, fitness and competitions and because of this developed an eating disorder.


I needed help and I felt, for some time, that I couldn’t find it anywhere —until I looked within myself.

My fall forced me to learn how to listen to my own body and concentrate on self help. I quit the traditional dietician format and invested in becoming a private nutritionist with a holistic approach—combining my passion for business and with my personal struggle and professional expertise.

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