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Let’s Talk Muffin Top

LET'S TALK MUFFIN TOP The dreaded muffin top Having extra belly fat (A.K.A. “muffin top”) is never fun and can be a source of frustration. Yes, I know it’s really hard to flatten your stomach. But trust me… If you take the time to find out what’s causing this issue,...

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Why You Need To Be Using Vitamin A

Why You Need To Be Using Vitamin A Why You Should Be Using A Vitamin A Serum We should all be finding a way to get Vitamin A into our skin for many reasons. This can be easily added to your daily skin care routine and will show great benefits from reducing the sings...

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All About Lash Extensions

All about lash ExtensionsWhat Are Lash Extensions? Thinking about getting Lash Extensions, but still have some questions about what they are and how they work? Well, here is some information to put your mind at ease and start your adventure with gorgeous long lashes...

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Healthy Living : Save Money

Healthy Living : Save Money Most of my clients think that healthy eating automatically means spending more money and time on your meals every day but in reality, it is quite the opposite. Usually, the time-consuming element of clean eating is not the diet itself but...

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Healthy Diet Vs Social Situations

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is hard and once you have calmed your "triple fudge chocolate cake" craving heart comes the next mountain to climb and that is how to not be THAT annoying friend at your next house party who says "no" to just about...

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