A Registered Dietitian is a health professional that specializes in health with various conditions. That’s the difference between proper education and a weekend course.

We got asked to show what our meal plans look like and this is a tricky question since our plans are custom made. Our clients won’t receive a plan we designed for someone else. We can provide a meal plan, a healthy food plan list, recipes, ideas and tips that relate to your specific needs, goals and challenges.

We don’t use cookie cutter planning strategies. We understand some people like variety, some people travel and some people don’t want to cook. Some people know everything about health and nutrition and others have little to no knowledge. We improve and guide our clients by following our clients needs.

Our clients all receive a questionnaire. We build their program first, then we meet to go over the plan and make any adjustments needed together. The perfect plan is not done in a few minutes. It requires a lot of back and forth. Most of our programs are 12 weeks long specifically for this reason. Together we can go over all your challenges and how to deal with them.

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