Signs of emotional eating

There are signs of emotional eating that you need to be aware of. Are you are trying to achieve the weight loss and do not totally understand why? Emotional eating could be a part of it and you don’t even know it.

Below are 8 signs that you are an emotional eater:

1) Eating when stressed

Before you deny that you eat when you’re stressed, take a second to think about a few things. When finishing a term paper, do you have to have something to snack on? How about when you’re at work and you’re under pressure, do have to have something to eat? This could be a sign for you.

2) Eating with all types of emotions

Some people are very emotional, some more than others. However, if you constantly have food in your mouth after various emotions outside of being stressed, be aware that you may be showing a sign of emotional eating.

3) Do you bury yourself with “comfort food”?

Comfort food is not just southern food. In this case, comfort food is referred to anything that makes you feel good. In the middle of the night, ice cream can taste so good. Do you absolutely have to have it before you go to bed?

4) Trouble sticking to a diet

Have you ever met someone who is on a new diet every two weeks or so because they claim that they cannot lose weight? It is not necessarily the diet that is the problem, but it may rather be that the person doing the diet is not staying true to the diet. Cheating in relationships isn’t the only thing that produces bad results, but cheating in diets produces bad results as well.

5) Eating when you’re not hungry

A person has to recognize when they’re eating food when they are hungry. Sitting down and watching TV while eating is not the best thing to do. If you’re going to watch TV and eat, try substituting some of the foods for fruits or water to curb your appetite or control over consuming.

6) Celebration eater?

It is fun to celebrate! Unfortunately, celebrating does not have to always incorporate snacks and food. Do an activity instead of making a social event around foods.

7) Are you fascinated with food?

Food can be a great experience for everyone to enjoy. There are tons of stories of people traveling abroad to taste the delicacies that the world has to offer. However, there is a point in which fascination can turn into obsession. If you’re not able to control the fascination, then you may have an obsession.

8) Food cravings on a consistent basis

It’s ok to crave foods. There may be some commercials on TV that makes your mouth water. Food cravings are natural. What is not natural is cravings different foods for the majority of the day, every day.
Learning what your body craves and curbing those cravings will be a huge key to success in your weight loss.
As you see, emotional eating is a serious thing, but once you are made aware of it, you can begin to take control of it.

Cognitive therapy helps overcome emotional eating so that you can take control of the intake of the foods you put in your body.

Please reach to us if you feel like you need help in this department!