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Cream to tighten loose skin

The procedure of tightening the skin is a bit more complicated than simply applying a cream. It may sound disappointing, but there is no cream that can improve the elasticity of the skin. No tightening cream will give you the result similar to what you will find at a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon’s office. There are some strong reasons why skin tightening creams don’t work. It is elastin which provides the skin with an ability to remain flexible. As a person ages, the production of elastin slows. When a person reaches older adulthood, the production of elastin comes to a complete halt. Sagging skin is mainly the result of damaged, broken down elastin.

In an 8 week clinical trial, Bend Skin Care, an anti-aging skincare formula, was shown to increase skin’s natural resistance to UV exposure by almost 40%. This result was achieved after just 4 weeks of regular use of the gel capsules. The trial also found that by taking just one dose or 4 gel capsules of Bend yields significant results. The product helps the body protect itself from UVB damage. Many specialists claim that Bend is a revolutionary product in the skincare industry.

Bend Marine Collagen is another anti-aging supplement that can increase collagen production. If it is consumed orally, collagen peptides are absorbed into the blood stream. Gradually they reach the dermis where they stimulate production of collagen. This supplement has also been proven to hyaluronic acid which is another important component of the skin’s collagen matrix.

But using technologies is the best option for tightening loose skin. While other treatments will provide minimal results, Technologies like radiofrequency treatment and laser treatment are getting more and more popular because they provide really good results. Now skin laxity is treated with radiofrequency (RF) and intense focused ultrasound. Both these treatments create a heat-induced tissue response and this process leads to collagen remodeling and other ultra structural changes. In the majority of studies, patient satisfaction has been consistently high.

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