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Everything you need to know about skin tightening

How to tighten face skin

A host of factors can lead to loose facial skin and wrinkles. In most cases, the skin’s loss of elasticity and collagen results from sudden weight loss, aging and certain lifestyle choices. Good news is that this embarrassing problem can be reduced, even reversed if you take some steps. Read on to know some of the most effective ways to tighten facial skin.

Limit sun exposure

Ultraviolet radiation present in the sun’s rays breaks down the collagen and elastin fibers and thus speeds the natural aging process. Your skin will retain its firmness if you reduce or avoid sun exposure. In order to avoid excessive exposure to the sun, wear a sunscreen when you need to go outside. You can also consider wearing a hat with a wide brim. When you head to the beach or pool, sitting under an umbrella will help you protect your skin from excessive exposure to the sun.

Sunscreen should be considered seriously because it protects your skin from both UVA and UVB. UVA penetrates the skin deeper than UVB rays, causes wrinkles and contributes to skin cancer. UVB also causes sunburn and can lead to skin cancer.

Drink water

The power of drinking water and the positive effects it can have on your skin should not be underestimated. As the largest organ in your body, your skin protects you, stores lipids and water, prevents fluid loss and serves as thermoregulation. Drinking more water is essential for beaming, glowing and healthy facial skin. If you drink ample amount of water every day, you can slowly tighten your facial skin and maintain a healthy glow. A PH value of 7 is neutral and it is the exact PH value of pure water. Drinking more water ensures that your PH value is balanced. Water also helps tighten your skin by flushing out toxins, reducing wrinkles, preventing pimples and moisturizing the skin.

Radiofrequency treatment to tighten face

Radiofrequency technology is one of the best treatment options for tightening facial skin. Now radiofrequency energy is being used for skin tightening, inducing the production of new collagen and improving the skin’s overall health. This technology is also used in medical procedures to treat medical conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases and chronic pain.

Pelleve facial skin tightening is an effective treatment option. It is an FDA-approved treatment that softens facial wrinkles with almost no pain, no anesthesia, no needles and no downtime. You can see firmer, tighter skin after just a single, one-hour treatment.

This technology works by delivering constant, gradual energy to the skin. The heat causes the collagen deep inside the skin to contract and stimulate the growth of new collagen over time. This process results in firmer and tighter skin in the treated area.

Here at Sparkle Lifestyle & MediSpa, we are happy to offer Pelleve facial skin tightening treatment. Our specialists will assess the condition of your facial skin and answer your questions regarding the treatment. Please contact us if you want to know more about the treatment.

Laser treatment to tighten face

Today, laser technology is well-advanced and new inventions are coming to the market. So you have more choices to deal with skin problems now. You can effectively deal with aging signs, such as wrinkles, by choosing the laser treatment suitable for you.

GentleMax Pro is a dual wavelength, long pulse laser. It provides 755 nm Alexandrite 1064 nm Nd: YAG laser energies at pulse durations ranging from 0.25 to 100 milliseconds. This device is used to treat various skin disorders and perform skin rejuvenation treatments.

The dual wavelength GentleMax Pro stimulates and increases collagen production under the surface of the skin and helps smooth wrinkles. You can expect an overall improvement in skin texture, skin tone and pore size after a series of treatments. Its photo rejuvenation feature can also remove unwanted brown spots and freckles caused by sun damage, age and hormones. The treatment, with its cutting edge technology, makes small facial blood vessels disappear from the skin’s surface.

Our experienced technicians perform this treatment after assessing the type and severity of your condition. Please contact us for details.

CO2 laser to tighten face

CO2 laser is a great treatment for tightening facial skin as well as treating pigmentation, wrinkles and general sun damage on the skin. The laser causes vaporization of the skin and this process leads to tightening. The microscopic laser penetrates the skin and transforms sun damaged skin into healthy looking skin by stimulating collagen. This treatment works excellent for tightening sagging skin. Patients can see immediate results and the results increase over time as the deep layers of the skin begins to heal.

CO2 laser treatments are usually performed after sedation. Patients are given either oral or IV. This treatment is less aggressive, and has fewer side effects, but requires 3-5 sessions to see the best results.

Here at Sparkle Lifestyle & MediSpa, we use CO2RE (CORE) fractional laser from Syneron and Candela. This is the newest fractional laser and it can treat wrinkles and rejuvenate skin on the superficial and the deep level. This technology has gained reputation for treating scars, discoloration, wrinkles and skin laxity. CORE has proven to be extremely effective in treating pigmentation and skin laxity. This technology features dual laser waves that can be adjusted to penetrate the skin at both superficial and deep levels simultaneously.


You can add foods to your diet that encourage the production of elastin and collagen. These are the compounds your body makes that give your skin elasticity. Consuming certain foods will help tighten loose skin.

Due to its vitamin C contents, citrus fruits positively impact the elasticity of your skin. Your body requires 75 to 90 mg vitamin C daily. Citrus fruits like orange and Indian gooseberry also provide zinc and selenium – nutrients that help elastin production.

Bell peppers are also an excellent source of vitamin C and zinc.

Cruciferous vegetables like Brussels sprouts, cabbage, Daikon radishes, rutabagas, broccoli and watercress provide nutrients needed for skin health.


There are certain exercises that help tighten facial skin. These exercises are designed to stimulate collagen and slowly tighten facial skin. Those who constantly perform various types of facial exercises, retain the smoothness and firmness of muscle. In fact, some experts claim that facial exercises help in the removal of wrinkles and provide fresh and younger look by tightening the skin. Both men and women can retain their look by doing skin lifting exercises. There are special exercises for eyes, lips, forehead and cheeks.

Bend Skin Care

Bend Skin Care is a very effective supplement that nourishes and tightens the skin. The supplements work by providing a full body 24/7 UV protection. It also increases hydration, helps with skin firmness and elasticity, reduces redness and roughness, and provides free radical protection. The supplements contain antioxidants zeaxanthin and lutein, vitamin D, EPA, GLA and the fatty acid DHC. These ingredients work cohesively to reduce skin inflammation, lock in moisture and promote healthy cell function.


You can remove dry/ dead skin cells on the surface of your skin by exfoliating. Besides helping many skin problems, exfoliation increases blood circulation resulting in healthy and glowing skin. A facial scrub does not work exactly in the same way as a regular soap or cleanser. A facial scrub uses small particles, beads or chemicals that help remove old skin cells and make way for new ones. Choosing a natural or chemical scrub suited for your skin type, massage the scrub into damp skin for a few minutes and then rinse and moisture your skin. Do it once or twice a week. Make a facial scrub a part of your regular skin care routine.

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