The Sparkle Lounge

Sparkle is more than just a clinic…

It’s a lifestyle…

My goal is to make sure that everyone who reaches out to us, either through an online plan or in our clinic, instantly feels like they have become a part of a loving community that centers on individual empowerment through a healthier outlook on life.

That was wordy but true.

This idea was expanded into the Sparkle Lounge. It is a lifestyle community that offers online support to anyone who wants to be in charge of every aspect in their life.

The focus isn’t just on diet, we have different programs within the lounge, each with its own unique heart.

Looking for the perfect excuse to start taking care of yourself?

Combine our Nutrition & Lifestyle coaching with our MediSpa services!



What’s Included

  • Back on Track Nutrition & Fitness Program
  • Weekly Nutrition, Lifestyle & Fitness Lessons
  • Monthly at home or at the gym workout
  • Flexible Meal Plan
  • Weekly Recipes
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Weekly Q & A Video
  • Monthly Lifestyle Challenge
  • Workout, exercise and recipes repertory
  • Unlimited Online Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

This program concentrates on Nutrition, Fitness and Stress and Time Management.

We also include samples of Meal Plans and Grocery lists that complement each other and of course, workout videos which are designed to adjust with you.

The main effort of this program is to educate around skin care, fashion and makeup. The purpose is to provide more in-depth and personalized tips, compared to your basic YouTube tutorial.


Through this program, you can expect to receive information, tips & tricks about intimate issues like stress incontinence, libido and intimate realtionships.


Each program is assisted with a Facebook group, where I answer your questions every week. The concept is to provide you with specialist support while still keeping things relatable and friendly.

The Sparkle Lounge is your gateway to in-depth knowledge and expert advice, without ever leaving the comfort of your home.