The Ultimate Skincare Guide

What is mandatory? What should I skip? What’s worth the splurge?

If you are like most people, the number of skin care products brands available can be overwhelming.

You are not alone, most professional pretty much get overwhelmed too. Its hard to stay on top of all the new research, products that happen every day.

Therefore, I created this list of what you should be using every day, what would be considered a splurge, where you can cut and the ones you should definitely avoid.

 I’ll also explain what you should be doing every morning, in the right order, at night and what you should be used as the day progress.

This is what I consider the ultimate anti-aging skin care guide!

Skin Care Morning Routine

The morning routine should focus on protecting your skin against all the daily elements of like pollution, sun and free radical.

  • Cleansing – Essential
  • Toner – Not essential
  • Protection against antioxidant – Essential & Splurge
    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin E
    • Vitamin K
  • Exfoliation – As needed
  • Moisturiser – As needed
  • Sun Protection – Essential & Choose carefully
    • Chemical Sunscreen
    • Physical Sunscreen
    • Mineral Makeup

Step 1 – Cleanser


This part is essential, but you should choose a cleanser that goes with your skin type.


Cleansing your face every morning is a necessity. It removes oil built up from the night and will create a clean canvas for your skin care and makeup. If your skin is not clean your product won’t penetrate as well in your skin and your make up won’t look as good.


Never use bar soap to clean your face. They will strip your face from it natural essential oil and can be problematic over time. Find the right cleanser for your skin type.


Apply to damp skin and lather. Rinse thoroughly.


Cleanser for Oily Skin

Go for a more foaming type of cleanser. They remove a little bit more oil from the skin, vs the other form of cleanser.

Osmosis Deep Clean

Vivier HEXAM


Cleanser for Dry skin

Go for a gentle moisturizer cleanser. They don’t foam a lot. The consistency feels milky on the skin.

Osmosis Cleanse

Vivier HEXAM


Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

When you have sensitive skin, you need to be carefully looking at the ingredients. A gentle cleanser or a cleanser that doesn’t necessarily need to be washed off with water.  Ingredient should be natural ingredient with calming properties. Sodium sulfacetamide may aggravate your skin.

 Osmosis Cleanse

Vivier HEXAM


 Cleanser for Combination Skin

Most people have combination skin; some parts of your face are oily and some dry spots. Try a different and see how it make your skin feels. Your skin should feel clean and refresh but not dry after a few minutes. If you have that tight feeling after your cleanser that may mean the cleanser is removing too much oil from your skin

Osmosis Purify

Vivier HEXAM

Step 2 – Toner

This part can be skipped if you are trying to save time and money

Not everyone needs a toner. Old fashion toners are astringent; containing alcohol. Basically, they strip oil from your skin and give that cold clean feel to it. A lot of people like this feeling. The major problem is that toner containing alcohol also strips the essential natural oil from your skin making your skin increase oiliness. Because it strips too much oil your body feel the necessity to produce more oil.

Newer and better-quality toner don’t strip the oil but used to balanced PH. They re-establish the natural PH of your skin. Some dermatologist suggests it, and some don’t. If you are used to use toner it might be a nice addition but if you are not it not necessary since most of the good quality skin care already have balanced PH in their skin care

Osmosis Activating Mist

Vivier Toner

Step 3 – Antioxidant Serum

The most important antioxidant is Vitamin C. Usually come in a serum. Super important to use every morning. Apply so it can fight free radical. Make sure the bottle is dark and doesn’t all light in.  Cheap vitamin c and light can oxidize the Vitamin C. When oxidized, Vitamin C turns brown and loses its efficacy. Vitamin C and Vitamin E have a synergy effect. Together they are even more powerful than separate.

Vivier CE

Vivier Kine-CE – Hydrating

Vivier CE Peptides

Vivier Radiance – Skin Brightening

Step 4 – Sun protection

is the best antiaging step of your skin care but they don’t protect your skin against free radical. Free radical and unstable attack our skin cells and premature them both on the inside and outside of our body. Come from the environment like car, pollution and unhealthy process food. Anti-oxidant protects our skin and body by neutralizing those free radicals. Sunscreens don’t do.

Using your sunscreen daily is the most important step to protect against again and skin cancer. Sunscreen doesn’t protect our skin against free radical

There’s two types of sun protection

Chemical Sunscreens. Ned to be absorbed into the skin to be effective. Lighter, rub and absorbed in the skin. Don’t leave a white fil

Physical Sunblock.

They stay at the surface of the skin block against UVA & B and protect against cell damage They basically block UV rays from the sun to our skin. Physical sunblocks are not absorbed by the skin; they stay on top. The best ingredient to look for is Zinc Oxide. Titanium Dioxide also is considered as a physical sunblock abut it doesn’t covers again the entire spectrum of UVA rays; therefore, should be used in conjunction of Zinc Oxide for a complete protection. Physical Sunblock have the bad reputation of leaving a white /light film on your skin. Now brand like Osmosis have managed to create a physical sunblock containing as high as 13% Zinc Oxide that doesn’t leave white residue and also act as a perfect primer for your make up!

Osmosis Protect

Vivier Sheer 45

What sunscreen ingredient should you stay away from

Some sunscreen ingredient potentially disrupts hormones; because they are chemical and absorbed in the skin, they can potentially get into your bloodstreams. some reports mentioned it may disrupt hormones the two to avoid are Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Retinyl Palmitate, Homosalate & Octocrylene.  Over 600 sunscreens containing Oxybenzone are sold American; Scary!.

In your face, I recommend using a high-quality facial sunscreen containing Zinc Oxide as they won’t leave a white film. If your budget doesn’t allow a pricier brand; go for Avobenzone or Maxoryl SX. They will protect your skin against harmful UV radiation while having a good safety rating.

For body I suggest using a Zinc Oxide since a little bit of while film here and there’s don’t really matters as much as your face. Zinc oxide will provide a complete coverage and will protect as soon as you apply it to your skin.

Sunscreen in a spray format

I stay away from sunscreen in a spray format. They usually contain Oxybenzone and your kids will most likely breath it and go into their lungs.  If you absolutely want to use what you have home spray it in your hand before applying it to your kids.

Sun protection and Makeup

Mineral makeup has some sunblock in them. I suggest using your sunscreen as a primer for your make up and reapplying during the day. Your mineral powder is a great addition to your skincare routine since it can protect you against the sun without ruining your make up. They can be designed as a make-up fixer.

Skin Care Night Routine

Your night time skin care routine is the most essential steps you should be doing if you want to fight anti-aging. You need to clean your skin from all those free radical you accumulate during your day and to prep your skin for your anti-aging protocol.

  • Cleansing – Essential
  • Toner – Not essential
  • Vitamin A Serum – Essential for anti-aging – Splurge
    • Retinoid
    • Rethylnadehyde
  • Peptides – – Not essential but Splurge if you do
  • Growth Factors – Not essential but Splurge if you do
  • Moisturizer – As needed
  • Antiaging eye cream – As needed


Most important steps. If you only do one thing at night it would be cleaning up your face from all the debris accumulated during the day; accumulated poll, pollution while removing all your makeup. This step will allow your skin to breath and be ready for your nighttime skin regiment. If you don’t clean your face at night; your skin care won’t penetrate your skin.

Step 2 – Toner – Not required

Like in the morning you should only use a toner that will regulate your skin PH. Some cleanser already includes a formula that will balance your PH

Step 3 – Treat your skin

There’s no reason to use an antioxidant at night since your skin won’t enter in contact with too much radial while you are sleeping. But treating your skin for anti-aging; night time it’s the perfect timing since you can let the cream work its magic for 6 to 8 hours.

Retinol or Vitamin A – Essential

A form of Vitamin A or retinoid, retinol or retinaldehyde are the most proven antiaging cream. They tighten your skin, smoothened and reduce fines lines. They also thickened skin dermis, reduce pigment, exfoliate, reduce inflammation and can even reverse early pre-cancer skin cancer.

Prescription Retinoid or Retina A is only offered with a prescription from your doctor. They are strong and not everyone can tolerate them.

Retinol is the over the counter Vitamin A. They can usually be found in your medical spa. They are less aggressive and often offer as good of results. They are used at night since they

Vivier Vitamin C Serums


can make your skin sensitive to the sun. A safer alternative for people who have thin, dry or more delicate skin.

Rethynaldethy …. Explain it from Osmosis

Osmosis Correct


Retinol cream is nonprescription; not as strong as similar anti-aging benefits, don’t create intense redness and flaking. Apply every night or every two-night depending on how strong it is. Just to sure start every 2 nights.


Peptides are a substance that’s come with structure found in protein including amino acids. They function by retaining moisture in your skin. With every application, moisture binding components in peptides penetrate deep into your skin, slowing down aging as wrinkles and fines lines while giving you that amazing glow.

Peptides work really well in combination of retinoids. They can turn the clock and work but can be a little pricey, smell funny and where they came from. They are often added to vitamin C, E and K serums.

Peptides are proven to reverse aging and usually well tolerated. If sensitive or dry skin you will tolerate peptides better than retinoids, You can use both.

Vivier Peptides

Step 6 – Growth Factors

They are found naturally in your body and they manage a task like replicating cells, reducing inflammation and stimulating collagen production. The growth factor is controversial. Where they are from and if they really work depends on so many factors. I suggest a consultation with a qualified aesthetic professional to make sure they are worth the investment for you and doing your brand research.

If you are budget conscience I suggest sticking with retinol. Feel like trying something more? Start with the peptides and if you want the ultimate anti-aging skin care regimen to find a serum that has growth factors.

Osmosis Stem Cells

Osmosis Growth Factor


Moisturizer is great for hydrating the skin. They are a necessity for some people especially if you live in a dry climate or if you have dry skin. Not all people need them. If you feel like it sooth you go for it. But I you have oily skin or already feel replenished from all the steps above; you can save your money

Osmosis Quench +


Eye cream – Often an essential step

Most retinol is too strong to be using around the eyes. If you would like to use retinol; make sure you are using a cream design for around the eyes. Some cream is only suited for the undereye and not the upper part. Make sure you do your research.

Some brand containing rethylaldehyde like Osmosis are suitable for around the eyes.

Vivier Platine

Vivier GrinzCine


I personally have a gentle enzymatic cleanser and do a facial every 4 months so I don’t feel like deeper exfoliation is required.

 Exfoliation could be required if you are trying to improve your skin texture, pigmentation or if you have a troubling skin. If this is the case an exfoliation mask every 3 to 7 days could help.

 Exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the skins outermost layer sending a signal to your dermatologist to create new skin.

 New skin turns itself over every 6 weeks. For some people, exfoliation may lead to the dry, irritated and red skin. For those people is to keep your skin well moisturized. You should exfoliate once a week if you have dry skin and twice a week if you have oily skin.

I suggest exfoliation in the morning. It will remove impurities and dead skin cells causing your skin to repair throw-out the day. At night only wash your skin with a gentle cleanser and this will send a signal to your skin to rebuild new cells overnight.


Vivier Exfoliate


Last step; very important to exfoliate your skin. Improve the skin cell turn over. Send the signal to regenerate your skin, to 8 weeks when you are young. Can be as long as 12 -weeks when you get older. Look and feel rougher, older, wrinkles.

Signal to the derm to speed up the skin cell turnover. To loser to 6 to 8 weeks

Not every day. Exfoliate 2-3 times a day. If sensitive only 1 a week. If too much it may dry, rough, red, sensitive, decrease.


Osmosis Polish Mask