For most of us, holidays and other social events are a huge challenge for staying on track. It is easier to just cave in to the pressure and work on the desired waistline later.But that means you will keep doing that all year round. During a social event, you will most likely find foods that you have not eaten for a long time and this strengthens the temptation to indulge. Family members and friends may also lure you into trying out new foods. With that being said, how do you keep track on your healthy diet plan without missing out on the fun of an occasion?

Being on a meal plan is your business – you don’t have to tell everyone.
Have you noticed how people want to tempt you to do something when you have clearly resolved in not doing it? This is the exact same thing that happens when you are on a diet. There is intensified pressure from family members and friends to fill your plate after you tell them you are dieting. Aside from some of them trying to convince you to ditch the diet, some willrightly tempt you with delicacies by indulging in them. Sometimes, it is best to keep your diet plan to yourself.
Keep your tummy full
If you are feeling hungry in front of a table that has a bunch of food that is not in your plan, you may lose the battle of sticking to the meal plan. Identify food items from the table available that are included in your plan and keep snacking on those throughout the event. This will keep your energy levels high and will keep you from feeling hungry. This will prevent you from overindulging and still allows you to enjoy the event.
Pick the healthy stuff
You might have gone through all the food items on the menu and none seems healthy enough for you. If you are not sure about the impact that a certain food is going to have on your diet regime, simply stick to the healthier alternatives. For instance, you could opt to take grilled chicken instead of glazed pan fried fillet. Sometimes, it is hard to choose healthier at social events and they might not have anything that fits your plan – this may make you feel like it is a good time to indulge but it’s important to pick your battles wisely if you do so.
Stick to “Diet Friendly” drinks.
Drinks are part of social events but moderation is what’s important to keep in mind. While some people love sugary drinks, the amount of sugar in processed beverages could kick your diet off to the wrong direction. Pick a drink of an alcoholic nature, that is low in sugar and sip on it slowly.