Ability to know when I’m stressed out!
Stay out of stressful environments and situations as best as you can. It can be a trigger that is not conducive to weight loss. Many eat more when they are stressed and do not want to work out.

Mom, I don’t want to go to sleep…
Does that sound familiar? This necessarily isn’t a skill but you have to discipline yourself for sleep. Your body is in the business of repairing and it can only repair itself properly when sleep. If you’re not getting 7-8 hours of sleep, you’re doing a disservice to your body and creating stress.

Find foods that taste good
If you do not have foods that taste goods, you are going to be less likely to enjoy your journey to losing weight. This is the case for many and so they quit their diet within the first or second week. The nutrition-world has made vast improvement to help enhance the experience of the one who is losing weight. There is an easier road by making great foods for a pleasurable journey.

Plan your foods days ahead
Making your meals ahead of time will make it so much easy to stick to a plan. Some days you can get off from work and it is much easier to pick up fast food as it is to slave in the kitchen for 30min to an hour. You have kids, you have extra duties when you get home. Make your meals ahead of time and you will pat yourself on the back once it’s done.
Invest into a fitbit or a step-counter and make a goal to get a certain amount of steps in a day. You can hit your mark each day without really focusing on it. Plus, you’re losing calories and getting closer to your weight loss goals each day. By the time you go to bed, you will sleep comfortably knowing that you’re making achievements which propels your confidence.
Be Mindful of your daily activities
Nothing is like working out. Whether you are a professional athlete or someone who does not like to work out, there are other ways of burning those calories that add up at the end of the day. If you wash dishes at a restaurant, be mindful and research how many calories you can burn in 15min. Perhaps you are an administrator and you have to pick up stacks of paper on a consistent basis. Getting up and down and lifting piles of paper equates to burning calories. Be mindful and do these tasks with an intended purpose.
Daily Affirmations
Have sayings or quotes that you look at and literally speak them aloud so that you can hear yourself. You will set your atmosphere with positive vibes which will help you reach your goals.
Calendar and Agendas
Have a calendar on the refrigerator and mark off the days that you work out or whenever you complete a task that helps you with your weight loss. Having the right foods displayed in your agenda or calendar makes it easier to eat the right foods so you don’t pick up junk food. Stay on track! Consistency will be the key.

See your “Best” Self
As you continue through your weight loss journey, be mindfulness of the changes that you’re making. Tell yourself that you’re doing something great, regardless what others see. Feel good about what you’re doing because each day makes a difference. While others are sitting around doing nothing, you’re taking control of your life.

You don’t have to go to extremes
You don’t have to spend an hour in the gym every day or run yourself tired until you pass out. Nor do you have to take super drastic measures to change your eating habits. Educate yourself on what you’re doing. Knowledge is power. Know what you’re doing. Do everything in small steps and work your way up. You WILL reach your goals. Just take it one day at a time.