Vaginal Atrophy

Learn how Co2 Laser can help you with vaginal atrophy

Ok, so you may be wondering what vaginal atrophy is? Let’s break it down so we can all understand it a bit better, shall we?

Chances are you not alone, and maybe it’s one of those topics that makes you feel a bit uncomfortable to talk openly about. Sexual intercourse becomes more of a chore than a pleasure because of the discomfort you have afterward and let’s be honest having “sex” should “feel” good… right? And guess what ladies, more sex helps with blood flow and in return keeps your vagina healthy.

No need to suffer any longer, there are ways to make it better!



Vaginal atrophy happens when the vaginal walls start thinning, drying and becoming inflamed. In other words, the walls become thinner and have less elasticity. The vagina walls can also narrow or shorten. This is a result of our bodies producing less estrogen hence producing less vaginal fluids. For most women, this generally happens during or after our change of life.

However, younger women may also be subject to vaginal atrophy due to low estrogen levels. It can cause Painful intercourse and could also lead to urinary tract problems.

Vaginal Atrophy Symptoms

As we get older, our bodies continue to change, and our estrogen levels are lower than when we were younger.
Some of the symptoms you may have or could experience are:


Vaginal dryness


Vaginal burning


Abnormal vaginal discharge


Genital itching


Burning with urination


Urgency with urination


More urinary tract infections


Spotting or bleeding after sex


Decreased vaginal lubrication during sex


Discomfort during sex


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