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Consultation Process

At Hair Loss Solutions, we offer free consultations. But first, we need you to submit this form and upload pictures.Once we assess your situation, we will reach out to you by phone in order to discuss further the next steps to take.

We look forward to hearing from you.

How to Submit pictures

Taking a good picture for a proper diagnosis

In order for the Hair Loss Solutions team to properly assess your hair loss degree, you will need to submit pictures of your scalp. See below instructions on how to properly take good photos.


  • Take your pictures in a well lit area.
  • Near a window where there is natural lighting is ideal or near a white LED light.
  • Wetting the hair is also a good way to show true hair loss levels.
  • Try to have a plain light background.
Top of scalp

Front of head

This photo should cover the circled area showing the hairline from the front of your head. Your head should be slightly tilted forward. If you have long hair it is advisable to centre part it then tuck it behind your ears or clip each side back for the photo so that your hairline and temple areas are clearly visible.

Both side of head picture

Both sides of the head

Please take a photo of each side of your head concentrating on clearly showing the area from your hairline and temples to your ears, as circled in these diagrams. If your hair is long enough then please centre part it and either tuck it behind your ears or clip it back so that the required areas, and any other areas on the sides of your head where there is hair loss, are clearly visible.

Top of scalp

Back of head

This photo should cover the circled area of the back of the head concentrating on clearly showing the crown area of the scalp. If you have hair loss below the crown area then please do ensure this area is clearly pictured too.Again, if your hair is long enough, it can be helpful to centre part your hair before taking this photo

Top of scalp

Top of scalp

This photo should cover the circled area and clearly show the top of your scalp from above. If you have long-enough hair it is advisable to comb or brush it into a centre-parting before taking the picture.

If you prefer, you can DWL the PDF version of this questionnaire and send it back to us via email at [email protected]