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“Hyperpigmentation” might sound like a fancy word, but it’s just our skin’s way of saying it’s got a bit more color here and there. While many of these lovely skin kisses come from the sun, age, or even our very own genes, you don’t need to decode all the skincare jargon. That’s what we’re here for! 

Ready to dazzle with an even glow? Our magical touch includes picking the perfect ingredients just for you, and if needed, we’ve got lasers, injections, and more up our sleeves to sprinkle a little extra sparkle on your journey to radiant skin! Let’s give you the best glow-up together!

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Often referred to as the “mask of pregnancy,” this is a type of hyperpigmentation that typically appears on the face and can be due to hormonal changes. It’s especially common among women, particularly during pregnancy.


Small, flat, brown spots on the skin, typically caused by exposure to the sun.

Sun Spots

(Solar Lentigines)

Flat spots on the skin that appear as a result of sun exposure over the years. They’re larger than freckles and don’t fade in the winter.

Age Spots
Age spots

Flat, brown, gray, or black spots on the skin that usually occur on sun-exposed areas. They’re also known as liver spots, though they have nothing to do with the liver.

PIH Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

Dark spots that appear as a result of injury to the skin or inflammation like acne.


How To Get Rid Of Brown Spots?

We got you!

You want to look and feel your best and we want that for you as well! It can be very frustrating when you have tried almost everything out there to fix your concerns and you still feel hopeless. You take the time to methodically conceal the pigment with makeup, only to wake up the next day and repeat this process all over again.  You look forward to the nice summer weather and vacations down south but notice more and more pigmentation coming through as the days go by!  You’re more careful with your sun exposure now,  but your skin is a constant reminder of your more “carefree” years; before the visible damage, you see on the daily.

Sparkle can help you with this and more!

We know that skincare can be confusing and hard to keep track of especially with the always-growing market out there.

In the past, the only treatments available were quite invasive and came with lots of downtimes and you may have been confused with choosing which treatment was right for you.  That’s why we are here to help!


  • Hyperpigmentation is caused by an overproduction of Melanin in your skin
  • Melanin is a pigment your body produces as a defense mechanism to protect your skin from UV rays and/or hormonal influence (melasma).
  • Lack of sun protection in the past is the main cause for the visible hyperpigmentation you see now (other contributing factors include hormones and even certain medications).
  • This explains why you struggle with this on the area’s most frequently exposed to the sun such as your face and perhaps even your arms, hands, and chest.

Skincare is the base of every solution when we are trying to solve a skin concern but combining a good skin care regimen with laser and light-based treatments will yield the best results.

When looking to get rid of pigmentation, light-based treatments are your best friend.

At Sparkle, we offer medical-grade technologies such as The Gentle Max Pro, Cynosure’s IPL,
and the Picoway laser in order to treat multiple different types of hyperpigmentation from Melasma, to “Sunspots”, to freckles and more.

Our technology is well researched; Health Canada approved and provides proven results. A custom treatment plan will be made for you during your complete consultation in order to achieve the best results possible.


The Gentle Max Pro, PicoWay, and ICON IPL can treat sun spots, melasma, blotchy brown skin, redness, freckles, and overall unwanted pigment/hyperpigmentation. Of course, we recommend combining this treatment with medical-grade skincare, which can be discussed during your consultation.


The best way to explain how both the lasers and IPL work is by looking at each device individually.

– PicoWay (Picosecond Laser): Laser light is targeted at the unwanted pigment in ultrashort picosecond pulses. These pulses shatter the pigment into very tiny particles which are then easily flushed by the body’s natural processes. The PicoWay laser emits less heat energy than traditional lasers providing a more comfortable treatment.

-Cynosure ICON (IPL – Intense Pulsed Light): Used where a lot of blotchy brown skin or redness is visible. Healthier skin after 2 weeks, when your body gets rid of all damaged skin cells and clears broken capillaries.

-Gentle Max Pro: The 755 wavelength is used when we want to precisely target pigment. This device is excellent for a stubborn pigment that the ICON IPL cannot get rid of. In addition, it also works amazingly on freckles as well as hyperpigmentation on arms and hands.


The benefits of our treatments include:

  • Lightening of pigment
  • Over-all more even complexion
  • Little to no downtime
  • Visible results are noticeable in as little as 30 days post-treatment.
  • You will feel more confident in your own skin


Who is the ideal candidate for IPL?
The ideal candidate for IPL would be someone with a lighter skin tone who may also struggle with facial redness along with hyperpigmentation. During your complete consultation at Sparkle, we will be able to determine if the ICON IPL is right for you or if you would be better off with either the Gentle Max Pro, the PicoWay, or a combination of both!

Where can you do this treatment?

This treatment can be done on any area of unwanted pigment such as the face, décolleté, arms, legs, back, etc.

A discussion of what areas you want to be treated will happen during your initial consultation.

Is it safe?

All laser treatments and technologies offered at Sparkle Lifestyle & MediSpa are approved by Health Canada and the FDA. Picoway Resolve is cleared by FDA & HEALTH CANADA CLAIMS.

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