Why: Melasma can arise from various factors.

How to Differentiate: Melasma often presents as symmetrical patches that are challenging to mask with makeup. Its prominence can escalate with sun exposure but tends to recede when avoiding sunlight. Despite therapeutic measures, melasma might persist or even exacerbate after IPL treatments. It can be located in either the dermal or epidermal layers of the skin.

Causes: Typical triggers for melasma encompass pregnancy, regular use of tanning beds, initiation of birth control, or hormonal fluctuations.

Skin Type: Melasma frequently manifests in skin types 3 to 5.

Challenges: These skin categories are notably susceptible to laser procedures and inflammation, making lasers a potential aggravating factor.

Solutions: Potential treatments encompass Hydroquinone, PRP injections, picosecond lasers, and select resurfacing lasers.

Skincare Recommendations: Advocated products include Vitamin A, Vitamin C serums, Glycolic Acid, and sunscreens enriched with a minimum of 8% Zinc Oxide.

Base Skincare:

  • Osmosis Correct (117)
  • Osmosis Rescue (176)
  • Osmosis Catalyst AC 11 (176)
  • EltaMD 46 (68)
  • Osmosis Purify (52)


  • Complex Pads Renewal (69)
  • Pigment Cream 2% (176)


  • PRP Injections Treatment
  • Glass Facial
  • PicoWay Resolve


  • Chemical Peels
  • OxyGeneo

Treatment Plan Schedule:

  • Week 1: Medical Facial ($195)
  • Week 3: One of the Laser Treatments ($650)
  • Week 5: Medical Facial ($195)
  • Week 7: Laser Treatment ($650)
  • Week 9: Medical Facial ($195)
  • Week 11: Laser Treatment ($650)

Treatment Costs: $2535 + HST
Skincare Costs: $834.00
Grand Total: $3369.00

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