Mesotherapy for Body & Cellulite

Mesotherapy & BODY

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So happy to be offering this service. As you may know, body treatments are my jam, and this service combines years of experience from our medical director, our senior nurse injector, and myself. We are combining our technologies, knowledge, and injectables together to give you even better results. After years of studies, we are so happy to be offering this Mesotherapy Cellulite Body service. Don’t forget it will never replace a healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle!


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How Does it Work?

Mesotherapy Body plus VElaShape
Step 1:
Preparing the Skin

We start by using the VelaShape 3 to massage the targeted area. This initial step is crucial as it stimulates collagen and elastin production, promotes lymphatic drainage, improves circulation, and gently warms and massages the skin, preparing it for the subsequent steps.

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Step 2: Application of a Specialized Cocktail

Next, we apply a carefully formulated mesotherapy cocktail containing firming ingredients designed to further enhance circulation. This prepares your skin to optimally absorb the treatment and sets the stage for the next, more targeted action.

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Step 3: Targeting Stubborn Fat

With the skin fully prepped, we proceed to inject a product specifically designed to break down stubborn fat cells. Following the injections, we conclude the session with a final massage to ensure the area is soothed and to promote the distribution of the injected product.

Post-Treatment Care

To maximize the treatment’s effectiveness, we recommend performing 5 minutes of massage daily on the treated area for the following 2 weeks. This continued action supports ongoing circulation improvement and helps achieve the best possible results.

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Our team takes pride in working collaboratively to provide personalized care and solutions for each client's feminine needs, prioritizing open communication and respect for each other's expertise. We're dedicated to helping every client feel comfortable and confident throughout their treatment journey.