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What’s Next?
  • Simply provide us with your information by filling out the form above.
  • After you click “SUBMIT” you will receive access to our calendar on the next page.
  • Schedule the time that works best for you where you will have one-on-one time via Zoom with one of our experts!

What to expect during a consultation

  • All your questions will be answered!
  • An explanation of the different technologies available and how they work.
  • A breakdown of pricing options.
  • A coupon for you to use with us, valued at $1000!

1. Discovery

We will do a discovery to learn about your goals & results you are looking for


2. Assessment

We will assess your current lifestyle, past experience. We will go through it and see what is working for YOU & what is not


3. Professional Recommendations

We will discuss expert & professional recommendations

Sparkle Prescription (Game Plan)

Customize the perfect game plan around your expectations & budget & answer any questions.