Dermaplaning Benefits

Safe & Effective Exfoliation

Better Product Penetration

Improved Tone & Texture

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a treatment that safely removes the top layer of skin and the fine hairs (or peach fuzz), providing deeper product penetration and smoother, brighter skin. The nurse or medical aesthetician who performs your treatment moves a scalpel or other tool across the surface of your skin to remove the dead layers. The treatment can offer benefits such as softening fine lines and wrinkles, easing hyperpigmentation, and smoothing uneven skin tone and texture.


Dermaplaning in Moncton: Why us?

Here at Sparkle, our medical aestheticians and nurses are specially trained to perform dermaplaning safely and effectively. Our team benefits from ongoing, extensive training and the guidance of our clinical trainer. Every journey at Sparkle begins with a consultation, so besides the amazing treatments you can receive in the clinic, you can receive expert advice on skincare to maintain your results at home.

Before & After

Dermaplaning Treatment Before After Moncton
Dermaplaning Before After Moncton

Frequently Asked Questions

Dermaplaning Q&A

Does hair grow back stubbly after?

Contrary to what you’ve been told, dermaplaning will not make your hair grow back thicker or darker. Once your hair begins to grow back, it might feel different because the hair was cut straight across, but it’s actually the same texture as it was before and it will grow at the same speed.

How often should I Dermaplane?

Each time you get dermaplaned, you’re removing about two to three weeks’ worth of dead skin cells. Dermaplaning is recommended every three to four weeks. An aesthetician will help you figure out a schedule. 

Does it remove upper lip hair?

Dermaplaning removes fine (peach fuzz) hair from the face. If you do have some dark hairs on your upper lip there are a few options. If you currently wax your upper lip, advise the team member performing your treatment and they can avoid the area. Otherwise, the hairs can simply be plucked before dermaplaning commences.

What are the side effects?

Dermaplaning is a low-risk procedure. Side effects may include slight redness in your face in the hours after getting the treatment. Some people develop whiteheads on their skin in the day or two after dermaplaning. Infection and scarring are rare after dermaplaning, but they do occur.

What to Do After Dermaplaning?

  • Avoid direct sun exposure and extreme heat for 3 days.
  • Do not use scrubs, other exfoliators, and chlorine for 1 week.
  • Apply serums, moisturizers, and use sunscreen

How to get the best Dermaplaning results?

One main reason why people choose to Dermaplane is that it improves the penetration of their skincare products. Making sure that you are using the best skincare products for your skin of course makes this entire process more effective. If you are not totally sure what products to use, book a skincare assessment for expert advice!


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Client's Love

"Everyone that I've had a chance to meet at Sparkle have been very helpful. Alexandra was amazing and I really feel that I have the right products and plan to have clearer skin. Looking froward to it. I also didn't feel pressured in buying a bunch of products and have a good understand of what each product will do to help."

Y Leblanc

"Everyone was very polite and knowledgeable. There was no pressure to buy products. I was surprised with my consultation fee waived when I did buy products, there are monthly giveaways and it's always nice to feel like a company gives back. I felt unrushed during my consultation and that none of my questions were silly."

J. Clarke

"The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable and the services are amazing. I'll admit I can be particular and sometimes hard to please but at Sparkle I've always been happy with my services because the staff always take the time to make you feel comfortable and informed. I can't say enough about this place!! It's also a beautiful atmosphere."

C. Michaud