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The DAO muscle is responsible for pulling the corners of the mouth downward, which can create a sad or downturned appearance. By injecting in the area 1cm lateral and 1cm down from the corner of the mouth, the aim is to relax the activity of the DAO muscle and allow the corners of the mouth to lift, resulting in a more uplifted and rejuvenated appearance.

In the field of cosmetic procedures, the DAO muscle can be targeted with treatments such as Botox injections to temporarily relax its activity. By inhibiting the action of the DAO muscle, Botox can help elevate the corners of the mouth and create a more uplifted and rejuvenated look. This can be especially beneficial for individuals who have a naturally downturned mouth or who wish to correct the appearance of marionette lines, which are the vertical lines that extend downward from the corners of the mouth.


Technique 1

Placement: 1cm lateral and 1cm down from the corner of the mouth

Units: 3 to 5 per sides

Depth: Full Needle (Deep)

Here are some tips for performing the technique:

  1. Ask your client to make a sad face or frown to activate the targeted muscle.
  2. Locate the muscle by gently pinching the area to identify its position.
  3. Instruct your client to relax their facial muscles completely.
  4. Align the needle and inject straight into the desired location, targeting the muscle of concern.

Combining Neurotoxins with Dermal Fillers

The combination of treating the Depressor Anguli Oris (DAO) muscle with dermal fillers can be beneficial in certain cases. It is typically considered when there is a noticeable volume loss or asymmetry in the lower face, particularly around the corners of the mouth.

When the DAO muscle is overactive, it can contribute to a downturned or sad appearance. Botox or other muscle relaxants can be used to temporarily weaken the muscle and lift the corners of the mouth. However, in some instances, the volume loss in the area may also need to be addressed to achieve a balanced and harmonious result.

Dermal fillers can be used to add volume and restore symmetry to the lower face. By strategically placing the fillers in the surrounding areas, such as the marionette lines or the corners of the mouth, the downward pull of the DAO muscle can be counteracted. This combination approach can help to achieve a more youthful and lifted appearance.

It’s important to note that the decision to combine DAO treatment with dermal fillers should be made on an individual basis.


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