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Virtual Consultation

Need expert advice? Get a personalized SPARKLEPRESCRIPTION from one of our experienced Medical Aesthetician and/or Registered Dietitian.

My SPARKLEPRESCRIPTION is a consultation to help you learn about your unique skin type and how to care for it. Beyond your skin assessment, the consultation also includes nutrition advice, product and treatment recommendations.


How Does it Works

Why is this important?

  • Using the wrong products will harm your skin instead of making it better
  • Using the wrong products by season; they are either too heavy or too light
  • Your skin is constantly changing, it needs different care depending on whats going on in your life.

Time: 60 mins
Cost: $100 Deposit
Location: In person or Virtually
English & French
Schedule online or (506)871-4421


Our Virtual Consultation Overview


We will do a skincare discovery to learn about your current skincare routine, your lifestyle, your goals and your needs.


We will assess your current product. We will go through them and see what is working for YOUR skin and what is not.



We will educate you about the right ingredients, products and services for YOU. 

Summarize & Plan

We will summarize and give you a customized plans while answering all your questions.

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