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Is Botox Safe?

Botox Secrets That You Should Know & Avoid

Is it Really Safe?

The answer is a simple and resounding YES!

Botox, produced by Allergan and used in its recommended dosage is very safe.

We know that this issue is your primary concern so, let us give not just 1 but 4 reasons to convince you that Botox is safe.

  1. Its FDA approval is supported by several studies and clinical experience. Allergan even claims that their research lasted for approximately 100 years (author’s note: we don’t vouch for this fact). Because of the amount of time and effort put into the drug’s R&D, the industry has established vital ground rules like the maximum cumulative dosage within a period of time as well as techniques in injecting the drug. Bottom line is that sufficient evidence supports the conclusion that proper use of the product will not jeopardize the health of patients.
  2. The drug is a sterile and purified version of the Botulinum toxin. This means that the toxin undergoes a process that is FDA-approved. This transforms the poison into a medicine suitable for and beneficial to humans.
  3. Only a small amount of Botox is used for every treatment to limit its paralyzing effect to the muscle injected. So, there’s really no danger of botulism poisoning.
  4. We know you’ve heard of reports linking paralysis and death to Botox but those are totally off target. The patients faced such horrible consequences in those instances because they were using unauthorized Botox substitutes. Several publications (e.g., consumer report by the FDA and a brief report in the Journal of the American Medical Association) confirm that using unapproved and unlicensed versions of the toxin can cause severe botulism poisoning. Despite what you may have heard or read, no death has been recorded as caused by using real Botox produced by Allergan.
  5. Botox injectors, especially those who have been doing it for years, have developed a better understanding of the science and art behind the treatment.

It will be good to choose a doctor who’s had years of experience in Botox. A key to a good treatment is that you trust the skill and feel comfortable with the person performing the procedure. If there’s something (anything!) that’s bothering you, you should feel free to ask your physician.

All these boil down to a simple equation: FDA approved drug + used in determined safe quantities + experienced injector + smart patient = safe Botox treatment.

Did you notice the last ingredient that we added to the equation?

Of course, YOU will ultimately determine how safe your treatment will be. You will be the one making the choices so the most important safety tip we can give you is to be a smart Botox patient. Arm yourself with the right information before undergoing the procedure. You may want to start with reading this Guide all the way through. We’ve placed only the correct information here so you can be sure of everything you read. We weeded the myths from the truths and left only the details that all Botox patients should know, but usually don’t.

Now, that was rather serious, wasn’t it? If you found it a tad somber for your taste, please bear with us… we think safety is no laughing matter, anyway, but we hope you’re hanging on in there as we trudge towards another burning question in the minds of Botox patients:

Ultimate Botox Guide

Ok… we know things are not always as dramatic as our opening but we want to assure you that we appreciate the seriousness of the decision you’re planning to make. We also know that you have questions and that you want to learn about the essential what’s, how’s and why’s of Botox…

So, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Head on over to the next page so we can get started!

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