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Things to know before Botox Treatment

Botox Secrets That You Should Know & Avoid

Things to know before your injections appointment:

  1. Brief your doctor on the outcome you want.
  2. Schedule your Botox appointment 6 weeks prior to any big event.
  3. Stop taking all fish oils and ibuprofen 2 weeks prior to your appointment. This will limit the potential for bruising and swelling.
  4. Understand the cost. We charge per $10/unit. To give some perspective, the average person needs about 20-40 units to treat horizontal forehead lines, 18-30 units to treat crow’s feet around the eyes and 15-30 units to treat the glabella (men need more).
  5. More is more, not better! Botox is a strong neurotoxin that has the potential to dramatically alter the planes of your face. And smoother doesn’t always equal prettier.
  6. Make sure you stay upright for at least 2-4 hours post Botox.
  7. Botox builds up over time. While you may have needed 5 units of Botox in your crow’s feet initially, over time you may need only 2 units.
  8. Make sure you know what to expect. Book a consultation with our doctor.

Post Treatment:

The full effect will be apparent after 2 weeks. After treatment, you may experience swelling, redness, pain, itching, discoloration and tenderness at the site of treatment. This will typically last for less than a couple of hours. Additionally, although rare, red or swollen small bumps may occur for 2-3 days in some patients. If you need to apply make-up within 4 hours of your treatment, only use a gentle touch to avoid rubbing the treated area

For 1 hour: Every 15 mins exercise your treated areas (e.g. practise frowning, raising your eyebrows)
For 3 hours: Remain upright, do not rub the treated area. You may apply makeup.
Rest of day: Refrain from strenuous physical activity, hot tub, sauna or facial, alcohol

Please book your follow-up assessment at the 2-week mark, especially if this is your first Botox treatment with us.

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