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Can You Get Laser Hair Removal On Tattoos?

Learn all the secrets about Laser Hair Removal. They are not all equal!

The short answer is no, and it is unsafe to perform laser hair removal over a tattoo – even if you were planning on having that Tattoo removed anyway.
Laser hair removal machines have not designed to remove tattoos, and worse than distorting your Tattoo, it can potentially lead to burns, blisters or skin damage.

When laser hair removal is performed over a tattoo, the laser cannot distinguish between the pigment in your hair follicle or the pigment in the ink – and can cause the pigment of your tattoo to scatter. In some instances, it can also reduce the colour in the tattoo.

IPL Lasers remove hair and NOT Tattoos.

Over the last two years, we have seen an increase in clients presenting with tattoos treated using IPL Hair Removal Lasers in clinics advertising LASER TATTOO REMOVAL. These clients were all assured by the clinic operators that IPL Lasers could remove tattoos.

What is the best laser To remove tattoos?

The PicoWay is currently the best device on the market to removal all colours in Tattoo. The 755 nm picosecond laser was the most effective in removing blue-coloured tattoos, and the 532-nm wavelength laser was the most effective in eliminating orange and yellow coloured tattoos at week 3. Picosecond lasers resulted in less epidermal damage post-treatment and rapid healing than the 532 nm nanosecond laser.

How does Laser Tattoo Removal work?

Each pulse of the laser sends light energy into your skin. When the ink particles absorb this energy, they instantly shatter into tiny fragments. Once the laser has broken the ink into smaller pieces, your body’s immune system works to remove the ink over the following weeks, flushing it away from the tattooed area.

Can you get a tattoo after laser removal?

Once you have completed the removal process, you have to wait at least six weeks before embarking on a tattoo in the same treated area. Because you want to make sure your skin has completely healed after the laser removal process before you get another tattoo.

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