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Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

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Laser Hair Removal, Risk & Side Effects

The procedure of laser hair removal is not completely risk-free. You may experience some side effects during and after the treatment. Knowing these possible side effects is a good idea before trying the treatment.


When you use a laser to remove unwanted hair, you literally burn your hair. The heat used to burn unwanted hair may burn your skin, especially if your skin is dark. It happens because skin with darker pigmentation absorbs the laser more readily. Though there have been a number of cases where severe burns have been reported, in most instances, the burns are mild. Avoid being exposed to the sun before your treatment. If your skin is dark or you have been recently exposed to the sun, use a YAG laser.


Stimulating melanin production, laser treatment creates a reaction similar to suntan. after the treatment, you may notice darkening of skin known as hyperpigmentation. People with darker skin have a higher risk of this problem. Being exposed to the sun before the treatment can also increase the risk. But don’t panic. You can reduce the risk if you use a YAG laser. Topical cream also helps deal with this case.

Hyperpigmentation also refers to lightening of skin. The absorption of laser light can inhibit the melanin production which leads to a loss of pigment. This is a rare case and usually happens after a serious burn. Consult your doctor right away if you happen to face problems like this.

Eye injuries

If your technician is not careful enough during the process of laser treatment, it might lead to eye injuries. In order to facilitate protection, eyeware is always provided.


This is a pretty normal side effect of the treatment. After the treatment, you may notice swelling around the follicle. The skin turns red and may remain so for a few days following the treatment, though normally it goes away within 48 hours. For quick relief, you may use a topical cream.

Pain, tingling and numbness

Don’t worry. These are very common side effects that you can safely consider normal.

Crusting and scab

Sometimes laser treatment leads to crusting and scab around the treated area. If you have sensitive skin, a mild bruising may occur. These side effects appear within the first few days of the treatment and disappear shortly afterward. Before you have your next appointment, let your technician know that you are having these problems.


This is a very rare side effect of laser treatment. The skin on tanned areas turns purple when one has this issue.


Infection is a rare but significant side effect of laser hair removal. After the procedure, it is very important to keep the treated area clean. If you are not careful enough, you could end up with this nasty side effect after the treatment.

If you notice a side effect, let your technician know right away. Try your best to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

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