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The best laser hair removal for bikini area

Learn all the secrets about Laser Hair Removal. They are not all equal!

Watch us answering your Bikini Laser Hair Questions!

1. Does your laser work on dark skin?
2. How many sessions do you need before seeing results?
3. Is it painfull? If so , is there a painreliver we can use before treatment?
4. Will this be premanent?
5. How many sessions do you need
6. Dose the laser cause hyperpigmentation?
7. Does it work on light skin and light hair?
8. How long does one session take?
9. Do I need to maintain this?
10. What are the chances it will grow back?
11. How often is maintenance required once treatment is finished?
12. Is laser hair removal safe while breastfeeding?
13. Does it last a life time or still have to go every few years?
14. Does is work on redish hair?
15. How long between session and does it leave any skin discoloration?
16. Does it work on thin hair?
17. Is it true that laser doesn’t work on light hair?
18. Is there any danger to this service?
19. Does laser cause hyperpigmentation?
20. Do you get ingrown hair with laser like you do with waxing?
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