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Laser Hair Removal and PCOS

Learn all the secrets about Laser Hair Removal. They are not all equal!

How many laser treatments are needed for PCOS?

Typically, women suffering from PCOS will need more sessions of laser hair removal to achieve their desired results. On average, 10-12 sessions may be required on the body, and 12+ sessions may be required on the face. Using a medical-grade laser, like Alexandrite or ND Yag, will offer better results than IPL.

Does Hair Come Back After Laser Hair Removal & PCOS?

Depending on many factors like hormones, pregnancy, ageing, we do suggest maintenance every six months to 3 years to maintain the results as our body produces new hairs! With PCOS maintenance is required as your body will produce new hair.

I would say every 6 months in most cases. Unless you are on medication 🙂 but yes we have a lot of PCOS clients, not on medication, more than happy but yes, there’s some maintenance required.

Here’s more information about our Laser Hair Removal treatments!

We use a Gentle Max Pro, which is a True Medical Grade Laser System (Alexandrite & Nd: Yag Laser), for the best, safest and quickest results as possible. True Medical lasers offer faster and safer results in fewer sessions than an IPL and DIODE. Let me know if you know the brand/type of laser used where you went). I would be able to better compare.

Most IPL will need up to 2 or 3 times more sessions and often can only slow the growth but can’t kill the hair follicles permanently. A diode will require more sessions than a laser but less than an IPL. The other big difference is the comfort of the treatment. Diode is much more painful and can need up to 10/12 for the results ours have

What are the results?

On average, our clients see a 75 to 95% reduction over 4 to 8 sessions from our Gentle Max Pro vs 10 to 15 with an IPL!

Results will also depend on the skin type, hair colour, hair thickness, and how disciplined you are at respecting the recommended time between your sessions.

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